Product Review: Slabs Crisps

When it come to crisps, you’d think there was nowhere else to go. 

Skipping over those made from things other than potato – I mean that’s a whole heap of discussion that is far too in depth for a Monday. If we include corn/wheat based snacks, should we include others? Poppadums? Prawn crackers? They are crispy after all. But are they a step too far?

I digressed. Already. Anyway, excluding the contentious snack products, even with the good old potato crisp we’ve had baked and fried. Rippled and thin. Reformed potato flour and artisan crafted. 

Now we have the mother of all crunchers. Let me introduce you to Slabs



If you like a crunch – in both sound and texture – and science says both are important – these are for you. I mean, look at that. That thick slice of spud is going to satisfy. 



Slabs offered to send me a box featuring their range to try. There are two sized bags 40g, and 80g (no skimping on bags of air here), and come in four flavours. Classics are sprinkled with sea salt, salt & malt vinegar, and mature cheddar & onion, with a little something else coming from sweet red chilli.

As you’d expect, the sea salted lets the potato shine as the star, the salt & malt is just sharp enough to remind you of the chip shop and not sting, and the cheddar & onion, is more KP Crisps cheese and onion than Walkers. I hate to use another brands name in comparison, but as a cheese & onion crisp lover, I can tell you the variations in flavour are extensive.  



Possibly however my favourite was the sweet red chilli – rather than something Thai like and overly sweet, it’s softer, think paprika, and patatas bravas. But with a crunchy attitude. 



Now I’d like to say I did extensive testing of these crisps. However, I took bags home for additional advice from Mr GFB. And they, er, disappeared. Mice ate them I believe. Big hairy bearded mice who crunched through them whilst in front of the computer whilst shooting aliens. 

Even further, those I kept at work were, er, enjoyed by more than just myself – the assistance this time being more office based. 

The overall feedback was very positive – and I’ve had further input that suggests they go very well with a pint in the pub.

What I’ve learned is that these crisps are crunchy, satisfying (it’s such a good words for these crisps) and more importantly, I need to be better at hiding them. 


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