Product Review: Simply Beach Cover Ups

In case you missed it, I’ve been away. 

I was an incredibly jammy bunny and ran off to the Azores on a press trip.

To be honest, although every day was packed with activities (swimming, hiking, city tours, museum tours, canyoning) it was needed. So I can be grateful that the hotel WiFi was a little temperamental as it meant it took hours to upload photos, which meant writing blog posts was damn near impossible. 

We did, however, despite all the running about visiting the sites, and doing stuff, manage some pool time. Admittedly, it was mostly the last day (and a few laps grabbed in the early mornings), but we took advantage when we could. And that meant the opportunity to use some gorgeous cover ups from Simply Beach – and not just poolside.

I’ve long been a fan of a cover up – especially as the transition from tan to bright pink can be so swift. One minute your freckles are playing connect the dots, the next you’re the absolute epitome of lobster pink Brit. And they of course mean that if you’re not comfortable jiggling your jiggly bits as you walk down to the pool, you can cover them up a bit. 

They’re also handy in the evenings. After all, when they look this good, why just keep them for the pool?

My favourite of the two pieces is this black lace maxi cover up from Pia Rossini. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love. 

It’s just gorgeous. The fabric is weighty, but surprisingly delicate (I know I’ll be washing this carefully wrapped inside a pillowcase to protect it). It was also comfortably big enough for me – so would do a size 18/20 – though disappointingly this is only one size, so there are no larger options. 

The second was a classic sarong from Freya. This was small and light enough for me to chuck in my rucksack with my bikini for the swimming we did away from the hotel – if you’ve got to hike somewhere before you swim, you want something easy to carry.


It’s pretty basic, but did the job, and with a tshirt covering my shoulders, I could worry less about my unprotected skin catching the sun before I could slap some Factor 50 on it. 

As I mentioned too, the bonus to a good cover up is its flexibility and the kaftan was a really easy way to jazz up a cheap little dress from Primark. Taking it from £8 beach dress to something a little more chic for dinner with a pair of big earrings, sunnies and sandals. 

I also get the feeling it would work perfectly for, er, bedtime too. But as I wasn’t sharing a room with anyone (least of all Mr GFB who I had to leave at home) I’ll have to wait for another opportunity to give that a try. 

Simply Beach have a great range of swimsuits, bikinis and accessories, and whilst there are loads of brands you’ll know, there are a fair few you won’t find on the high street. Which means it suits me perfectly. 

I mean, who wants to look like everyone else?

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