Product Review: Shefit Sports Bra from Boobydoo

Of all the things I was expecting to buy at The Curve Fashion Festival, a sports bra was not one of them. 

Not that I didn’t need one, I always need new sports bras. I mean, finding the right one is a nightmare. You’re a different size in different brands. A lot are expensive and you want to know you’re getting what you’re paying for. Pay too little and they go chewing gum grey, the hooks give up, or they fray and need to go in the bin. I’ve had most brands going. From M&S – decent, but sizes can be hit and miss to Shock Absorber – pricier, mostly worth it, though the racer back ones can be a bastard to put on/get off because if you can reach those top hooks from the front, you are far more flexible than I am. 

Everything counts. Support, fit, price. I use different bras for different sports. I powerlift, I run, I spin and I do yoga. I’m not going to need the same support in a bra for Vinyasa yoga as I am for a run on the street. In yoga I’m going to be more worried about inversions and boobs falling out, than I am how much my boobs bounce. As a size 38D (in most brands) finding one that can cope with that bounce can be a challenge, even though my boobs are a pretty average size.

When I stopped by the Boobydoo stand I was impressed by the range on offer (even more so by the number online). Panache, Freya, and one new to me Shefit. It was the only one on the stand in my size without a wire. As a powerlifter, that’s important – no wires are allowed in competition. I was also the only one offering a front zip. I have never managed to find a front zipping bra to cope with my boobs. The last one I tried burst open whilst I was on a run. A run that quickly turned into a walk back home to change.

Chatting to the ladies on the stand, I was encouraged to try it on over my clothes for fit. Even with my dress, and a bra underneath, it was pretty clear this bra – and that front zip – was substantial. I was persuaded. I put in an order for the blue version and headed hope with a somewhat lighter purse. 

It arrived in a bright blue and complete with a washing bag (so you can chuck it in the wash without worrying about hooks or the velcro hitting your delicates). The sizing is a little different than you’d expect. At a 38D I wear a 1 Luxe (there is a full sizing guide on the website).

Lets look at the construction. 

There are velcro elements on the shoulder straps and on the bottom underneath the cups. This ensures a secure fit. And believe me when I say that velcro once fastened isn’t going anywhere. It really is secure. At the front you have two hooks for extra security, before the zip slides up. Then to save your delicate skin from the zip, there’s a little cover in blue, so there’s no chaffing action. 

Once you’re in, you’re in. Those puppies do not move, and the crossover back means that the load is spread across your back, no extra heaviness in your shoulders. You feel secure, you feel comfortable. 



So far this bra has been running, to spin class, lifting and yoga. It can cope with me being upside down in flow practice, picking up big weights, and bouncing around on a bike. The velcro hasn’t moved, the zip hasn’t budged. It’s also blissfully easy to take off. No trying to encourage tired arms behind you to unhook. Unzip, unhook, slide off like a jacket. 

However, this is definitely more of a cardio bra for me. It’s ideal for running, spinning, and for things like the cross trainer, circuits and volume lifting complexes. For yoga it was beautifully supportive, but personally I’d prefer something a little softer and relaxed, as there’s far less bouncing around. As for lifting, I suspect it will make it’s way into competitions, as I mentioned, it’s non-wired and meets competition rules.

At £59 this bra is definitely an investment, but it’s definitely worth it. Now to save up for another one! 


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This bra was paid for by myself. 

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