Product Review: ProWater

It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything fitness related. So maybe it’s time for a quick update.

Everything came to a standstill in July. After a niggly ache in my left foot was finally diagnosed as a broken foot – a stress fracture 2/3rds of the way through the bone. What followed was 4 weeks of rest. 

Yes me. Resting. Luckily there was no cast or fibreglass boot, merely comfy loose trainers and lots of sitting down. 

August and September were all about recovery. Limited exercise – mostly static cycling as it causes much less impact, and finally October and November have seen me getting back to ‘normal’. I’m back to weights and running, but progress is much slower than my impatient nature would like and so something had to change.

And change it did. The pressure is off running wise – I’m up to about 8km distance wise, so it’s coming back, but with my next distance runs in February (10km) and May (half marathon), I’ve plenty of time to build my distance back. What has really changed are the weights. I’ve got a new personal trainer who is helping me make a move from a heavy cardio led workout week, into something much less stressful. Still hard work, but instead of so much running of Body Pump (weighted cardio) I’m now doing three weighted sessions a week, and three cardio sessions. Still lots of work, but it’s much more balanced.

And has led to a much more chilled me.

Diet too has shifted. Not massively, but a reduction in bread and pasta, and dairy, an increase in supplements, and a change in my carb cycling has made me feel so much better. I feel lighter, bouncier, my energy has rocketed and my stress levels dropped.




My diet now, is still high protein and low carb, and so I’m always looking for easy ways to top up – especially on a weights day, when my body seems to crave it. As it’s also the part of your meal, along with the fibre, that fills you up, a good shake, handful of nuts, or hit of protein helps keep you from snacking. 

But not everyone likes a milk shake, or a whey protein shake and if you’ve ever accidentally left a dirty shaker overnight… Shudder. Believe me it’s something you only ever do once. 

That’s where ProWater hopes to come in. This juice style drink still contains a good hit of protein – 20g per bottle – but it doesn’t look, smell, or taste like a whey protein shake. Oh and it only contains around 90 calories. Perfect if you want a low calorie protein hit too. 




Taste wise, it’s just like drinking a glass of squash – fruity, sweet a little acidic. Possibly, in the case of the Citrus Mint, a little too sharp even for me, but the Blueberry and Red Berries were perfectly palateable and didn’t leave that funny aftertaste that you sometimes get from a whey shake. 

And fuelling wise, it fills your tummy just as well as a whey shake. 




Am I going to swap to ProWater from my usual shake? I’m torn, but I suspect not. Whilst they have their pros: no lumps in your milkshake, no smelly shakers, no leaking powder in your gym bag, there’s one big downside. 


These come in at £29.99 for 12 bottles. So around £2.50 per bottle. A 1kg of protein powder (compared to MyProtein Stevia Whey Protein Vanilla) comes in at around £16 per kilo, and with 40 servings per bag… Yeah, it’s a big difference. 

I guess it all depends on what price you put convenience. 



With thanks to ProWater who sent me 6 bottles (two of each flavour) for review. They’re lovely, apart from the Citrus Mint which really wasn’t for me, but cost puts them out of my reach. 

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