Product Review: Promixx

Every day we’re given certain recommendations. Five portions of fruit and veg, 2 litres of water etc, etc, but after that, everyone is a little bit different. I have friends who are carbohydrate fiends. They burn that fuel in an enviable way that I can’t. I am much more protein based. In fact a hormonal issue I had at one point turned out to be totally related to how much protein I wasn’t eating. I needed to up my intake.

Which can be hard. Sure, a bit of extra meat or fish here, some beans or nuts there, but sometimes I need a little help. Sometimes standing and eating a packet of ham or a chunk of chicken because it will help you hit that goal is, well, a bit meh. So I lean on something else. A protein bar, or shake can be a far tastier option, but the latter comes with it’s own problems.

The better shakes I’ve had have been the ready to drink kind. And yep, they’re handy, but they come in a plastic bottle and aren’t exactly great for the environment. Whilst more bins on the street include recycling, not all of them do, and it always leaves me with a little bit of guilt. They also hit the pocket a little hard. So then there are the powders. But they have their own downfalls. If you have ever had a tub of protein powder accidentally open in your bag… It’s not fun, it’s not pleasant, and it gets sticky and everything has to be washed. 

And finding a shaker that doesn’t randomly spew protein shake all over you because the lid doesn’t fit properly, and hearing that rolly clack sound as the metal ball bounces around in your bag is downright annoying. Even then, it doesn’t always mix properly and getting a lumpy mass in the bottom is just… Ewww. 

So when Promixx promised no mess, no fuss, no lumpy mush in the bottom of the shaker, they had my attention. They further had me interested when you realise that this ‘shaker’ has a battery and mixes it for you. No clacky noises irritating you on the way home from the gym, and as it comes with it’s own little nutripod that securely stores your protein powder or supplements, yes the answer was let me try it for myself. So I did. 



As mentioned before, you get the ‘shaker’, the Nutripod and on the bottom is a little motorised attachment, that completely comes away. It uses a centrifuge (think whirlpool) to completely mix everything together. The Nutripod fits inside the shaker, so it’s neat and tidy for storage and transporting, and even if the lid on the pod became loose, you’ve got the extra security of the lid on the shaker itself. 

To use, easy peasy. Open the lid, take out the Nutripod. Fill the shaker with water – this is the important it, water first. Then add the protein like so:


And then switch it on. 

Ta dah! Totally blended. No lumps, no fuss. Then remove the motor and pop that away, and you can stroll out of the gym sipping on that blended beauty. 

Again and again. 


Are there downsides? I haven’t found one. It’s coped with two scoops of protein powder, and added creatine with water very happily – and apparently it’s good for scrambled eggs, baby formula and even gravy (I may have to test that one). It’s sturdy (yes I’ve dropped it, yes it’s survived). It doesn’t leak. I’ve had no protein powder incidents. It uses a USB charger cable, so if you lose the original or forget it, you’ll easily be able to find a spare. And to wash it, just add some warm water and a teeny bit of detergent and set it to spin and rinse out. 

Overall, I’m bloody impressed. Sure the model I have is priced at £39.99 (there are two other slightly less swish models at £18.99) which might make you wince a little bit, but it’s genuinely something that is going to last. To me, that’s worth far more than all the ready to drink shakes. 

Maybe drop a hint ahead of the festive season?


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This item was provided free of charge for review purposes. I was sceptical that it would actually do what it said, and that I would like it. I was worried it would be gimmicky. But I like it. A lot. 

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