Product Review: Playtime Cocktail Lube

I admit, the booze link here might be a touch tenuous, but it still exists and, let’s face it, I’ve never been shy when it comes to sex. Or talking about it. But the subject is definitely a little 18+, and I’m probably going to be my usual blunt self, so if that’s not your thing, then I’ll see you tomorrow for a totally different blog post.

For everyone else, let’s talk lube.

Yeah, I’m an old married, but I still like sex a lot, I like a lot of it, I like it with both men (my husband) and women, and I like it to involve a decent dose of kink. Given the latter, lube can be… useful. 

And when it comes to lube, there are a lot of options on the market. Oil based (don’t use with condoms), water based (often the cheaper option), silicon (goes on for hours, but don’t use it with silicon toys), tingly, flavoured, unflavoured, generic lube, lube for specific issues or tasks. You have a use in mind, there’s probably a lube for it. 

These three from Playtime are specifically flavoured. Again, not for everyone. Whilst I don’t mind the taste of cock, not everybody does, and I can still remember the first time I went down on a bloke. Despite all the information available, I still wouldn’t have minded a little… flavoured assistance. It can take a little getting used to. 

So, what are these like?

Whether it’s surprising or not, my favourite was the gin and tonic flavour. It’s gently sweet, but mostly has a lot of lime going on, and a little bitterness. Sure it’s not got any actual gin in it, but it’s close enough for a little fun.

The Mojito proved a little more interesting. Lots of lime, lots of mint and a little minty tingle, which gave an extra little bit of fun when applied to sensitive spots, like the clit, or tip of the cock. This one isn’t just about the flavour.

OK, Sex on the Beach was never a favourite cocktail of mine, and this one is incredibly sweet and fruity. And that’s one word of warning, diabetics, you may want to avoid these, because it is possible to absorb sugar through the skin, and if you’re prone to UTIs or Thrush, you may want to use something else. These do contain sugar, and it’s a health thing that not everyone may be aware of. That said, don’t worry about the calories – if you’re using lube, you’re definitely going to burn those off.

And now for the important bit. How effective it is. It’s water based, so that does tend to wear off faster than silicon. That said, we did give these a good, er, test. And they lasted well, only needing a bit of a top up during some really rather, er, prolonged and  vigorous fun. 

These lubes are available for around £1 each from chemists, and Amazon (if you prefer not to buy your fun stuff in person). 

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    1. Thanks lovely. And yeah, these are a nice selection. Tempted to try their warming one and the tingling one too.

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