Product Review: Modibodi Period Underwear

Yes, we’re doing to talk menstruation again! So if you were expecting gin, um sorry, maybe later this week? For now it’s going to be pictures of my bum in a different brand of period pants. 

I’d be sorry, but they’re helping me deal with a regular body function, so I’m not. 

Modibodi are an Australian brand started in 2013 by Kristy Chong, primarily to assist with urinary incontinence experienced after childbirth – and they are multipurpose for that reason. After two years of research and testing, she launched their first pants in 2015 and since then have gone on to expand the range in terms of pretty much everything – size, style, absorbency, including both a teenage, a fitness, and a maternity range, and have even launched a swimwear range. 

When it comes to variety, they’re doing things right.

As with WUKA (you can find the review for these here), these are primarily designed for use without any form of tampon or pad, the idea being that the underwear is leak free and can basically take care of your period for you. Since trying WUKA. I’ve become a lover of period pants. They’re easy, comfortable, and better for the environment than pad and tampons. And you know, if you suffer with a heavy flow like I do, you feel a little less like you’re bundling yourself up in some sort of nappy and far more like you’re just wearing pants. Which you are. 


For this review, I used the Classic style, with a light to moderate absorbency. As you’ll see from the photo, the crotch is slightly thicker than the rest of knicker, allowing it to absorb, but without feeling like you’re wearing anything. Compared to a maxi pad, or even one of the newer thinner pads, you really wouldn’t know.

The fit, is true to size, I’m somewhere between a size 16 and an size 18, and these were a 16. Comfortable, and close fitting, but not overly tight, or digging in. 

As for absorbency, they definitely did the job. As I have very heavy periods, I stuck with these pants for my lighter days and nights. They work, there was no leakage, no marks on clothing, and they coped with my hiking a trail in the Azores, and gym days at home in the UK. I’ve given these a real work out to test them. 

They wash and dry quickly, as they’re made using bamboo, microfibre, and merino wool, and are machine washable, though they can’t be dried in the dryer.

Overall? They’re really good, very comfortable, do the job and are a similar price to WUKA. For my heavier days and nights, I’d definitely need to upgrade, or as I’ve done now, use WUKA for their stronger absorbency. Once I can get my hand on some of the higher absorbency knickers I’ll be able to do a full comparison, but for now forget keeping a pair of old grey cotton pants for sticking a pad to, or faffing with tampons. 

I’m good. 


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  1. Hi Charlie,
    I am newly pregnant with my first baby. I am looking for some comfortable maternity underwear for me. This time I found you. I never used Modibodi underwear before. But seriously I like its features. And I interested to check this brand for me. Hope so I will get satisfied to using this. Thanks for your information.

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