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Last year, Mr GFB and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. 

We had high hopes of a bit of a do, and to celebrate with those who couldn’t make it to our actual wedding, which was in Las Vegas in 2007. Yes, Elvis walked me down the aisle, I wore a big red puffy dress, Mr GFB looked handsome in a charcoal grey suit, and we danced to Viva Las Vegas at the end of the wedding. We even went to see Eddie Izzard on our wedding night, as he was performing at Cesar’s Palace. 

We’re don’t do ‘normal’ things.

We originally had plans to go back over to the USA to renew our vows, this time with Elvis actually officiating. But Trump happened, and we didn’t want to spend time in the country while that )@$(**%{}{“£(%*^ is in power. So we revised our plans. What I then wanted to do was renew our vows under Stan, the dinosaur skeleton at Manchester Museum. That price wise proved completely prohibitive (cost more than the original wedding itself). So we revised our plans again, and fucked off on holiday for a week. 

But I still wanted something to show for it. And much as a week hiding in a cottage down south was good for us (so good), it didn’t feel like we’d commemorated it really. I mean we have some pictures dotted around the house of us, and our bridesmaids, but whereas I know friends have big pictures done, or have their bouquet in an art form, or host a party, we didn’t really do anything. We didn’t get each other anything. 

So this piece of art is a little out of the ordinary for us. Modern Map Art do artwork using maps that mean something to you. Whether that’s a place or a time, or a bit of both, you can get an art work created just for you that marks a moment in time that’s close to your heart. 

So this meant I could get something just for us, that fit with our usual manner of doing things our way. And bonus, it would fill that space just behind the door in the flat. The blank space that’s been looking at me every time I walk out the door since the walls were repainted, and has been host to a crappy printed ‘art work’ for the last couple of years. 

The process is simple. In our case, choose a place and a date, this generates a star map. You can then have the constellations lineated, or not (we decided against it), then the title, font and colour.  And of course, the size that you want. I went all out, with the biggest option. 


In truth, unless you know us well, nobody would know what this related to. It’s simply a date, and a star map. The frame would probably be worth more to someone, but to us, it’s actually a bit priceless. 

After ordering a frame, everything was easy to assemble, even if we spent about 20 minutes arguing whether it was wonky or not. I still think it is a bit, but then we’re not perfect either, so it works.  And I love it.

Now I’ve got my eye on something a little different for the living room. I mean Stretford deserves a nod too, right? After all it’s been home for the last 17 years.

It just might mean a little redecoration first… Don’t tell Mr GFB though, yeah? I’ll break it to him gently. 

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