Gin Review: Liverpool Gin

It only feels fair, as this weekend I’ll be working my last Gin Festival of the year in Liverpool, to write about a gin local to that fair city. Liverpool Gin.

Created by John O’Dowd and Mark Hensby, Liverpool Gin has it’s origins with the Belvedere Pub and Liverpool Organic Brewery. It uses certified organic botanicals and the pure grain spirit used in it’s production is also certified as organic. 

Originally launched in 2013, there are now three different gins under the brand. I’ve only had two of the three to review, the original and Valencian Orange. The third is their Liverpool Rose Gin, so that pretty will have to wait for another day. 

So let’s start at the beginning. 



Liverpool Gin is a London Dry style gin – so in essence, all the botanicals are added to the still with the water and alcohol, left to macerate a little (we’re not told how long), before the still is warmed. The vapour drawn off condenses into gin, and is let down with water to the preferred ABV (43% in this case). Nothing else is added.  

On the nose, citrus, a hint of spice and the ever requisite juniper. On the palate, lots of pine and citrus, a hint of floral spice. It’s a good straightforward citrus heavy gin. 



I must admit to becoming a bit of a fan of this in the summer. Paired with a garnish of watermelon (I’d recommend cubing the watermelon, then freezing it, so you have a fruitier, less diluting form of ice cube), it’s just delicious, clean and refreshing. In the winter, play on the spicer notes with some star anise and a sliver of orange peel, which warms it up a bit for the cooler months. 



The Valencian Orange Gin might have just hit my top ten. There’s a delicious bitter orange note to this, that reminds me of thick cut marmalade – I can imagine this in a Breakfast Martini, with a side of thick buttered toast for dunking (trust me, sounds odd, it just works) as a little brunch accompaniment.


In the summer, again, a big wheel of fresh orange as a garnish would be perfect – a large copa glass, lots of ice, sipping in the sunshine. And in winter, I’d switch to peel. 

I’ve always been a bit of a citrus lover – I’ll take a lemon tart over a chocolate brownie any day of the week. And I think I may have found my Christmas Day morning cocktail. 



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