Product Review: Hunkemoller Sports Bag

My poor, poor gym bag.

Once upon a time it was a well loved Asics rucksack that I faithfully lugged about with me. But there comes a time when by scent, by torn zip and fraying edges, that it’s time to say goodbye. 

It’s been through a lot. Thrown in cupboard at restaurants. Dumped on the floor of buses. Kicked under tables. Squished into lockers. Filled with all sorts of sweaty unmentionables. 

So the time came to find a new bag. And I’m a fussy bunny. It’s why stuff lasts so long – the effort of finding something else I like is, well, difficult. So when I was asked to review this bag from Hunkemoller, I was… Unsure.




It’s powder pink. I love pink, but I’m a bright-cerise-in-your-face kinda pink, rather than a delicate-almost-iridescent-pink kind of person. I like colours that shout their existence. In fact if you look at the rest of the collection, the most likely option for me would have been the same bag in that deep rich red. 

It also seemed small. I mean the stuff you have to carry to and from the gym. Clothes, towels, shoes, toiletries, make up, liquid chalk, wraps, protein shake. It adds up.

Basically, the stuff I take around me needs the gym bag equivalent of a rotteweiler. This seemed more like a toy poodle. Enthusiastic, but not necessarily quite what I needed.




I do love some of the detailing though. The iridescence (which really doesn’t come through on camera) is subtle but I like it. The fastener is quietly quirky. As its the style – the top down zip that just flips over. Again, I like it. 



It also turns out it’s somewhat deceptive. For all it’s dinky size, it fits everything in. I’ve crammed it full of stuff – two towels, full gym kit (shoes, socks, knickers, leggings, bra, vest and tshirt), water bottle, and all the extra bits, and it’s still had room left over. It’s like some sort of bag based TARDIS. 



OK, it’s still pale pink, but I can live with that. And it actually goes quite well with my yellow biker jacket. It shouldn’t, but it does.

And given Hunkemoller’s sports gear goes up to a 22/24, maybe I should think about a new gym wardrobe to match it.

I mean you can’t have too many pairs of leggings really, can you?


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