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When I was about 12 or so, I went from being a clever, fat kid, to a clever fat kid with glasses. 

After months of not being able to see what was written on the board – chalk or white, we were just into the new somewhat giddy period of the latter – I got bollocked by my mum and taken to the opticians.

A pair of Deidre Barlow-esque blue glasses were purchased (this was the early nineties after all, and your choices were pretty limited) and normality restored.

Fast-forward and I’ve now been bespectacled for longer than I haven’t. I’ve gone through more pairs of glasses and contact lenses than I care to think about, and they’re just part of my life.

Also, don’t believe that men don’t make passes at women with glasses.


Cos that’s just utter bollocks.

The downside to glasses is that they can be bloody expensive. My eyes are pretty bad – I can’t not wear them/contact lenses and still expect to see much except blurs sort of bad. I also have astigmatism in both eyes (eyes should be football shaped, mine are little more rugby-ball like) so angles are wrong too. 

So I can drop £100-200 on a pair easily. Yes even with an online dispensing opticians. So I’m always looking for a bargain. More recently it’s been possible to order from abroad too, with a couple of online retailers in the USA offering shipping to the UK. Even with the drop in the value of the pound (thank you Brexit), it can still be a cheaper way to buy. As I found with when they asked me to review a pair.



I found these pretties for $29.95. Lens costs for single vision are free. So even adding in postage I was looking at £27.

My last two pairs (part of a deal) in the UK cost me £280.

That’s one hell of a difference. Even expedited delivery only brought the total to £38.

So what are the eyeglasses like quality wise?

The box isn’t anything fancy. The glasses are a good pair of cats eye frames. The prescription is bang on, and the fit and size, are as you’d expect. Much like buying in the UK, you fill in the relevant information from your prescription, so they’re tailored to you. When I had questions they were super fast to respond, so I felt looked after even though they were in another country. 



And on? I’m very happy. 

Yup, I can see clearly now.

OK, so you can’t try on in advance which is a bit of a downer. But if like me you’ve been wearing them a long time, you generally know what sort of frame suits you. And you’ve probably also spent a fair amount of time waiting in the opticians trying on glasses to stave off boredom. 

At less than $60 for their most expensive pair, they’re too much of a bargain not to be tried, and they also offer prescription goggles, and sports sunglasses too.  

So I may not have my eye on a gorgeous pair of red frames – and I may just have a little discount code that I can share with you too. Just use the code GSHOT50 for 50% off for all eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (does not apply to sales frames).

Apparently just like shoes, I can’t have too many pairs of glasses. 


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  1. Oh I need some reading glasses that suit my dress for our wedding. Thanks for the info on this website charlie. I’ll have a look

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