Product Review: Ekia Anti-Ageing Skincare

Apparently I have mature skin.

I’m not sure when that happened, but somewhere between being 15 and using a fringe to hide my spots and being 38 and using Touche Eclat to my hide spots, my skin decided to get older along with the rest of me. 

It’s just bloody rude.

I know I’m lucky – I do that thing that we all do once a year or so, Facebook stalk old high school friends (and ‘friends’) and find myself wondering who aged better – and I think I come off pretty well. Oh please, don’t tell me you don’t do it occasionally, because I don’t believe you. All of us have seen a photo of an old friend, colleague or lover and exclaimed ‘Bloody hell, time hasn’t been kind’. 

But I still, just like everyone else, the bits we don’t like. Of course, being curvier I benefit form the old ‘Kit Kat facelift’ -or ‘fat don’t crack’ as it’s also known. I’ve also got no issue with my laughter lines or crow’s feet (I have to be honest I love them on Mr GFB, so it would be rude to dislike them on myself), but I’m gutted to see I’m going jowly.

And I mean gutted.

When I reviewed, I took this picture. And didn’t use it – primarily because all I could see was the squidgy bit around my chin. 



Ah time and genetics. The latter can only slow down the former. It’s still going to bite you in the arse, or sag a bit around the face.

And it was at this time that Ekia Skincare contacted me to chat about anti-ageing. Oh yes, I fell on this like a starving child. Well OK, that’s an exaggeration, but still – something that might slow down the slope of my jowls – Yes please. 

Their system is pretty straightforward. You can access the website and simply select what you think will work, or like I did, try the diagnostic. I selected, pressed submit and waited. 

‘Well preserved mature skin’. (I can’t help but wonder if the gin is having contributing to the preserved bit).

The suggestion was their Corrective Face Cream for Well Preserved Mature Skin (Creme Initiale). So, let’s first do the science.



All Ekia products are certified organic.

It’s primary ‘regenerating active ingredient’ is Dragon’s Blood Sap – the sap of a tree it claims to be native of the Amazon (though confusingly Google tells me it’s actually native to Yemen – which Wikipedia also says?). It’s been used for everything from lipstick to toothpaste, and historically to cure tummy upsets, rheumatism and used in wound healing. Though research is still ongoing when it comes to ant-ageing, it’s already been verified to have a significant effect on wound healing – including collagen production. 

Within the creams ‘Chronoresistance complex’ is Natural Hyaluronic Acid (plant oils including macadamia, jojoba and avocado). Well known for its efficacy in maintaining skins moisture levels.

The anti-sagging ingredient is commiphora mukul extract, anti-wrinkle effect from beech tree bud extract, anti age spots ingredient is samphire extract and stimulating active ingredient is apple seed extract. The science on this is a little more fuzzy – simply because without knowing which extract, it’s impossible to research effectively.  



The cream itself is light, smells nice and sinks in well. So I used it, alongside my normal moisturiser as it simply wasn’t strong enough to moisturise my overly dry skin, for a month.

The start:


The end:


No massive change in wrinkles, but what I did notice was a softer texture to my skin, and some of the natural skin pigmentation softened. You can also see the little pink discolouration mark (an old under the skin spot that has been sitting there as a mark for about 6 bloody months) also faded massively – it’s now barely a hint. The rosy tint to my cheeks has softened and broken veins disappeared.

Has the jowliness gone?



Ugh, no. That’s still there. 

But then I’d be expecting miracles, and that’s what that would be. The only thing that will fix the jowls is surgery, and I’m not going there. At least not yet – never say never.

But I am actually pretty impressed. Skin texture improved, colour improved and at £34.29, it’s not cheap, but it doesn’t break the bank. And I suspect Dragons Blood sap is something we’re going to see on the market more and more. Ekia is getting in ahead of the trend, and the research. 

Now to see how it goes over another month or two. 


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This product was received as a trial sample. As anyone who reads this blog will know, I’m always skeptical, always dig out the science and am always honest about beauty products. So far, this is pretty good! 

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