Product Review: DJ’s Cold Infusion Pockets

Now if you’re me, you read ‘Cold Infusion Pocket’ and wonder what on earth I’m talking about – I first read the email and admittedly my sciencey brain immediately went to something totally different, something distinctly more nuclear, I mean I do work in physics. So before we go any further, I’ll clear that bit up. Think teabag. Think a cold infusion (no hot water needed) and can be added to water, tonic, or any boozy or non-boozy drink that takes your fancy. 

Got it? Excellent, now we’re on the same page, meet DJ’s Cold Infusion Pockets (or DJs teabags as I’ve come to think of them). A selection of botanicals and fruits in a teabag that can add an extra oomph to whatever you’re drinking. 

There are six different styles to choose from: Stirring Botanicals (think of something lightly ginny), Rooibos Spice (think soft warm almost Christmassy spices), Blooming Blossoms (light spring like florals), Summer Equinox (more like a summer fruit pudding), Passion Star (sweet passion fruit and rounded vanilla) and Orange Osmosis (think a soft orange marmalade).



I had a play with all of these in varying forms. If you struggle with hydration, they’re a different way to try and get yourself to drink water. I found one in a big bottle added a little more interest than plain old tap. A G&T is a bit more of a challenge, as you need to balance the flavours. More spice to an already spicy gin might be lost of overpowering. Florals to a floral gin, again may be lost, but contrasting them with a little citrus… You get the picture. You still need to experiment. 

They are great in a glass of fizz, taking that discount bottle you may have picked up on the weekend up a notch, and ideal in a vodka tonic, or if you’re cutting down on your intake, in tonic on it’s own. Much like the water, it adds a little something and makes your drink your own. 

For me, the bonus was the bag itself – DJ’s have thought about sustainability and the teabag itself contains no plastic at all, being made of starch, it’s totally biodegradable (I’m hoping the individual wrappers are similarly without any plastic element, though this isn’t clear). 



Whilst I my not be adding them to every G&T I make, or even every V&T, these are a fun new way to dress up your drink. 


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