Product Review: Cetraben

This last week or so has been hell on my skin. 

Snow, ice cold winds, central heating, and a bloody freezing gym have all conspired to make my skin tight, dry, flaky, itchy and downright unpleasant. 

Even my usual daily regime hasn’t helped. Even it’s combination of gentle cleansing, layers of moisture, and a nice slick of argan oil at bedtime. The dry patches on my cheeks started getting really sore and chapped – so bad that one point I all but had tiny holes in my face where the skin was badly damaged.

It really wasn’t pretty. 

Luckily, a product review came to my aid. At the same time that I was trawling through the myriad of eczema and dry skin preparations trying to figure out what would work, a shiny blue padded envelope arrived from Cetraben



I had signed up for a possible product review back in November, but months later, had forgotten all about it. As it was one of the brands I’d been looking at online, I wasted no time and put it to the test. 

I was sent three of their products. The lotion, a light everyday version, the cream – something a bit heavier, and perhaps my favourite of everything they sent, the cleansing cream.


Each of the products contains light liquid paraffin (which helps to replace lost skin oils), white soft paraffin (to protect the surface of the skin) and glycerin (to bring moisture up from deep down in the skin). Even better, it’s not tested on animals, and contains no animal products – making it vegan friendly.

And it works. 



The lotion is the lightest and thinnest of the products and, going forward will suit me most in the warmer weather. Whilst it’s moisturising, my skin was soaking it up so fast, and yet remained dry. My skin really was too far gone for something so light. 



The cream is much richer, and was a life saver. My skin sucked it up greedily, and whilst it moisturised deep down, it didn’t leave my skin too greasy for make up. It was also perfect for the little patches that had appeared on my legs, and the tops of my arms. In fact had it come in a bigger pot, I’d have slathered myself in it head to foot.

But my favourite of the three was the cleanser. 



I used  it as a ‘hot cloth’ cleanser – applying it to lightly damp skin, and removing it with a warm muslin cloth. It coped with removing my makeup, even my Wunderbrow eyebrow gel, without a hitch. The best tip of all involved the application of it as a moisturiser straight after cleansing whilst my skin was still warm and damp.



Within a couple of days, the flakiness had cleared up, it even had, dare I say it, a little shine to it. Aside from the little remnant on my cheek (the white bit was the last bit to go) you can’t even tell that anything was wrong. 

From a surprise package, to a pleasantly surprise result. Consider me completely converted for the cold weather.


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