Product Review: BodBox, Protein Snack Subscription

Judging by how busy the gym was this morning, everything is back to normal for January.

And judging by the number of grumpy faces, people barging in the escalator and that sea of commuters off the train that I have to swim through like some daring pavement based salmon trying to swim upstream, everyone’s back at work too.

Now whether you are ‘new year, new you’ or more ‘new year, fuck that shit’ (you can read my thoughts on it here) – there’s no denying that for those of us who train for a goal, our eating, our activity and our thoughts have already shifted a gear. I’ve got my first competition in March, and I’m eyeing bigger numbers for the platform. And that means I need to fuel my training, and my recovery properly. 

So before Christmas I treated myself and signed up for a new subscription box – not one for beauty or pretty things, but for fitness goodies. 



Whilst generally my food contains enough energy and enough protein, I have a little weak spot – post work training. 

Lunch and breakfast, no problem. But if I’m training after work, I find I need something just a little hit of fuel to take me through it. Anyone who lifts heavy will tell you the toll it can take when you train completely empty. You go to lift, your body says no. Quietly, emphatically, no. 

So I’ve been using the odd shake, maybe a protein bar, but certainly the latter can be hit and miss. If you’re lucky, you get something delicious and akin to a bar of chocolate. If you’re unlucky, it’s chewy sludge, or grainy and unpleasant.

Just because I need fuel, doesn’t mean I don’t want it to taste nice. 



And that’s why I subscribed to Bodbox. They send out a parcel of protein for you to try every month. From bars and cookies, to shakes and powders. There’s a great variety in there, meaning you can try a range and then know which ones to reach for when you’re in the shop, faced with a plethora of options. 

In December’s box, my first, there were some real hits, and one or two misses. 

One I won’t be investing in, is the PhD Diet Whey bar in Triple Choc Cookie.



To be fair, it was better than many diet whey bars I’ve tried. The protein crispies give it texture, and it’s not overly pasty like some can be. But it’s still quite heavy in texture.

The biggest hit, unsurprisingly, was the Mars protein bar. I’ve heard a lot about these, and was generally quite dismissive. It couldn’t be that good, could it?

Yeah, yeah it could.



Another winner for me was the Power Crunch. Lighter than the others, but crisp, crunchy and minty – think of it like a minty Blue Ribband. I may have researched into the brand and am eyeing up the salted caramel and peanut butter fudge, because yes please.



I’m not entirely convinced by the protein sweets – the Pandy Soda Shakers, but I may need to try a different flavour to be certain. It definitely didn’t feel like I was eating protein.

At £17.50 for 10-12 items in a box, or (if you’re feeling a little more flush) £25 for a bigger box filled with 15 products, I think it’s a fair price for a selection you might not be able to grab on your way to the gym, or that you can try before you buy.  

I can’t wait for my next one to arrive. 


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This box and the following subscription was paid for by myself. 

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