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So, as you may have guessed this post is all about lingerie. So if you don’t like seeing a big girl in a pair of stockings, or a pair of knickers, please look away now, close the blog post and come back tomorrow, when booze and food will abound again as usual.

For those of you who are staying, I have a confession. I love clothes, but more than that, I love underwear. I have my practical stuff for the gym, but away from those plain cotton pants, I love lace, frills and I absolutely love stockings and vintage style lingerie. 

I have corsetry and girdles, stockings, seams, fishnets and well, you name it. I love it. And that’s the problem. 

I’m not a particularly mainstream size. I’m a 16 (and vary between a small 16 and a large 18) and I have big thighs and a quite, er substantial arse, but I’m average height and with a long body and short legs. So whilst I can find some pretty knickers and bras aren’t an issue – stockings are a bit of a nightmare. 

Larger sizes in nylon seams focus on the length of the leg, not the width. I have big thighs – I lift weights, I run, and I have wobble on top of that, so length (at 5’4″) is really not an issue. Width is. And I suspect I’m not the only one.

I want to look sexy and, more importantly, feel sexy. So why is it so damn hard to find stockings that fit me? Especially hold ups. They’re easy, comfortable – and there’s less faff. No fiddling around with suspenders. 


2016-06-09 09.58.40

I have since, thank god, discovered the Big Tights Company

Seams, hold ups, opaques, there’s everything there. Whilst I’ve invested in a lot of their stockings for use with my suspenders and girdles, I’m particularly fond of their All Woman Hold Ups range. They  fit my thighs, and sit nice and high (no chub rub here thank you). They also go up to a size 32 – going some way to prove that sexiness doesn’t and shouldn’t have a size threshold. Everyone is different and everyone has the right to feel sexy as fuck. 

2016-07-03 08.48.48

What’s more, they stay up all day. I’ve worn them all day – even through a full Gin Festival weekend and not suffered one slippy stocking. 

2016-07-03 08.48.38

Perhaps my only grumble is the price. These babies aren’t cheap – £16.95 a pair (I know, I heard you gasp), or three pairs for £39.95. But despite one morning where I laddered 3 stockings in the space of 5 minutes (I had a very bad day), the others are still going strong with a little tlc. Washing them by hand and with a gentle soap like Woolite

2016-06-21 09.12.16

Despite the price, I’m finding myself pretty damned hooked. I may have to alternate them with tights just to keep my bank manager happy, but even for work, they’re practical, comfortable and make me feel absolutely gorgeous. 

That’s well worth it in my book.  

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All the stockings featured were purchased by myself. 

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