Product Review: Big Tights Company- Opaque Tights

If you follow me on social media, you may recall I had, erm, an issue with a pair of tights a few weeks ago. If you wear them, you may recognise the situation. You come across a pair in the drawer, look at them, admire their cuteness and wonder why you don’t wear them.

Then later, perhaps on the walk into the office, via the coffee shop, you become aware of a discomforting sensation, the one where as you walk, they slowly, gently slide down, until the crotch sits somewhere around your knees and you begin to pray that the waistband will remain where it should, at your waist and not compound things further by sliding down too. 

I got into the office and cursed the fancy satin sheen knickers I’d put on that day, and rummaged in my gym bag for my gym pants. Functional, unexciting cotton. These, I thought, these would fix it. 

Except they didn’t. Not really. And my entire day was spent waiting for 4pm, when I could stop having to pause every few steps down the corridor and hike them up in a distinctly unladylike fashion, and chuck on my gym gear. And this time put those tights in the bin.

I vented my frustration on Twitter, and it seems I am not alone in this situation. Somehow we keep those tights that don’t quite fit, those that have a ladder in, those that slide down and trigger chub rub, or worse. And we’re not actually sure why. 

To my rescue came Big Tights. I’ve long, long been a customer of theirs for stockings (check my review here) but in the winter, I like to supplement these with tights of many colours. Not just your customary black opaques, but green, blue, grey, red, yellow – they take a thick black knitted dress and spice it up. Colour is my love, my cure for the blues, and until I can get stockings in a similar colour variation (hint hint) coloured opaque tights are my go to. 

Those bloody lovely people at Big Tights asked if they could send me a pair of opaques to make my day better. 

Of course they could. 


They sent me a pair of their Maria 60 Denier Microfibre tights, in a rich emerald. The colour was perfect for a skirt I’d picked up in Sainsbury’s, that hinted at autumn, and I’d been dying to find an excuse to put on. I had my excuse. 

The tights are size 18-24, and roomy. Incredibly roomy – all the way up to my boobs roomy. 




Another couple of inches and I could have covered them too, insulation for the cold weather. 

Otherwise the fit was soft, comfortable and no, no falling down issues at all – well except a teeny bit of wrinkling on the ankle, more to do with my long bodied, short legged frame than the tights. 

And they looked pretty damn awesome with my skirt. 


At £12.95 a pair, they’re not the cheapest on the market, but their colour range and fit, mean that I may need some more tights. And stockings. And a bigger chest of drawers to store them in.


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3 thoughts on “Product Review: Big Tights Company- Opaque Tights

  1. Woah these look AMAZING and the colour really is opaque too – I love that, some tights that claim they’re opaque and actually aren’t grate on my knockers!
    You look fabulous missus! I need to get some dresses and skirts as an excuse to wear tights now

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