Product Review: Batch Innovations, Sherry Cask Aged Rum

In month three of the Batch Innovations releases (we’ve previously had Buddha’s Hand Gin, and their Industrial Strength Gin), they’ve gone a little off piste. No gin, no vodka. This time, it’s rum.

Yes, rum. And I agree, Rum and Burnley aren’t necessarily two things I’d pair together. But Batch have got their hands on a good Carribbean white rum, and have aged it in PX Sherry casks for 12 months. Could this be Burnley’s first rum?

And the result, well let’s dive in.


The colour is a light, bright caramel, much richer and brighter in colour than I expected. 

The nose, is richer than the colour would have you believe. Gingerbread, vanilla, so much vanilla, a hint of sweetness and spice.  But it’s the palate where things really get going. Gingerbread again, golden syrup, salted caramel, lots of wood, and cinnamon, and dried fruit. It’s got a rich, slightly syrupy mouthfeel, but the spice keeps that from being overly sweet and sickly. The finish is a combination of spice and syrup that lingers in the same way honey does. 



Add some Cola, and the vanilla is doubled, the lime cuts through it, stops it being to much, but even I must admit, that I’m dying to try this with a ginger ale, and a wedge of lime. That syrupy texture is just asking for something fiery to play with. Maybe I’ll even get some Ting to try with it. 

It’s definitely sweet enough for sipping, and I’ve already got a few rum fans asking me to decant a sample for them to try. 

This pretty isn’t going to last long! 


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