Photoshoot with Velvet D’Amour

If you follow me on social media, you cannot fail to have noticed a few pictures being released of a shoot I did with Velvet D’Amour. This post is all about the whole experience, and includes the images. But it’s only fair that I make you aware that some of these pics are probably, well definitely, Not Safe For Work.

So if you’re in the office, it may be best to save this for later. Additionally, if you’re offended by plus size bodies, curves and imperfect boobs, I’d recommend coming back tomorrow when I’ll waffle on about food or gin or something.

All good? Then we shall continue.

I’ve been a fan of Velvet D’Amour and her magazine Volup 2 for a little while – so long in fact, I can’t recall where I first came across her images. But ever since I did, I’ve been in awe. Specialising in plus size women, the images are striking, sexy, strong. They’re not taken in the ‘male gaze’ either. They’re not sexualised to be attractive specifically to men, they are sexy simply through the strength of the images.

So the opportunity to be a model for Velvet was something I couldn’t miss out on. Though factoring in the images, make up and hair by Rachel, plus accommodation and travel from Manchester made me catch my breath a bit, it’s not something I’m likely to do every day.

I did it.

And I’m incredibly glad I did.


The day started bright and sunny as I made my way from my hotel, trolley case behind me, over to the shoot location. I’ve done a few shoots now, and whilst the results are amazing, often the venue, or the situation isn’t. In this case, it was a little flat in Camden – I spent most of the day in varying states of dress in front of a front window. Great light, also, er, rather public. 

I’d picked a number of outfits (six is recommended) for the hour long shoot. From underwear to dresses, I’d overpacked, but it’s better to have too much than too little. I was the first in of a number of ladies (including the incredibly gorgeous Yazmin The Fox – whose images are also rather NSFW, so a warning before you click that link as well. 



My make up and hair was courtesy of Rachel Williamson, flowers in my hair included. We had discussed my clothing choices and, as I was leaning somewhat on the 1960s, she worked her magic. 



From yoga poses and lying on the rather dusty floor, from 1950s Rago girdle and Big Tights stockings, to Lindy Bop dress and jacket, to 1910 vintage velvet coat, Velvet brought out the best in each. 




And after my hour was up, I left and headed home, to await the images.

Selecting was hard, but these are our favourites. 11 images picked for their strength, their colour, their portayal of me.

I’m pretty damn pleased with them.

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