Period Pants – Revisited

Last week (before The Pool announced it’s closure, consider me gutted) The Pool posted an article on period pants. One of their writers had tried a number of them over a week, and posted a review. 

Trying them for a week when they’re fresh out the packet is one thing, but one the pairs she raved about I’d had to review and liked, but now seven months on, I think are awful. So perhaps, in light of their piece, it’s time for a revisit of the two brands I’ve reviewed.

First up, Modi Bodi, which I first reviewed in July 2018. Modi Bodi are a brand from Australia and were created originally to help with urinary incontinence experienced after childbirth – and can still be used for this. They launched their first pants in 2015 and have gone on to expand the range. I liked the pants from a design perspective, except perhaps the gusset was a little small, and they failed on a heavy flow period. 

Fast forward and this is what they look like now. 



Yeah, not so good. I mean they’re completely pointless, and I can’t wear them (after this little photoshoot, they went in the bin). The waistband has completely come away from the fabric, so they’re not comfortable, not secure, and just not nice to wear. Given they’re something I wear once a month, for one day, they’ve not exactly been through a slew of washes, or rough treatment. Disappointment abounds. 

The second pair I reviewed back in March 2018 are from WUKA (Wake Up Kick Ass). Created by Ruby Raut, she has gone on to create a WUKA bralette, and adapt the period pants too, so they now offer a lighter pant style, so if you don’t have a heavy flow, you too can use their pants. The thickness of the pad was something picked up on by The Pool, as it’s a pretty substantial pad. For me, with a heavy flow, I’m going to have to have something thicker anyway, so am quite used to it, but if you have a lighter flow, go for the lighter pants, the gusset is thinner, and it’ll feel less bulky. 

So how are we doing nearly a year on? 


Yep. They’re still exactly the same. 

When it comes to price point, there’s about £5 difference – the WUKA pants being more expensive, but for something that lasts, I’m not going to quibble over £5. I’ll just hand it over.

These are just two brands, and I’m looking into investing into other brands (like Thinx, Dear Kate, and Knixwear), as well as re-useable pads, to test their effectiveness and how long they last. Period pants are an investment – not only in a product, but in the future of the environment. I want to be sure it’s money well spent. 

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