Pasta Paul’s Super Soundtrack Sunday, Ply

Sundays are for brunching and lunching. And anyone who loves music might remember the days when Pasta Paul used to man the decks for a Sunday roast, originally at Trof, then at Kosmonaut. He also used to broadcast them live and for me, that was my Sunday. Paul’s music choices, me in my scruffs, hair tied back, pottering around doing housework, or even sitting with it playing in the background, while I balanced my laptop on my knee and wrote blog posts. 

I kind of miss those days. Which is why I’m so glad he’s back – not broadcasting sadly, but live in Ply on a Sunday. Tie this in with Ply’s own take on a bottomless brunch and I booked as fast as my podgy fingers can type. (And as an ex audio typist, that’s fast).

12-6pm every Sunday, Paul takes charge of the music and Ply provide the pizzas and drinks. Book in and over two hours you can eat as much pizza as you can, and enjoy bottomless prosecco, Bloody Mary’s or soft drinks. All for the princely sum of £25.

Challenge accepted. 


Armed with our first glasses of prosecco (and water for the table obviously we encourage sensible drinking) my date and I made our first pizza selections. 


One was the day’s special. Sausage, ham, mushrooms and an egg. This really was a brunch pizza, and whilst I’d like to show you how runny the yolk was, how it oozed over the well set egg white, the soft buttery mushrooms and salty pork, the video shows it popping behind the fork and so I’ll just let my words do the descripty thing, and the picture of it above show how breakfast meaty it was. 



Our second was a favourite of mine, and now my date’s ‘favourite pizza ever’. Pear and blue cheese – fior di latte, Gorgonzola, pear, walnuts – and optional crispy smoked pancetta. It’s so good, that they had to create a vegan version too (which is also really rather good).

We gossiped, chatted, laughed and ate. Music was exclaimed on, gently bounced to – moving from softly soothing, to relaxing lounge, to delicately funky. Glasses of fizz were replaced, and after a pause, we dove in for pizza number two.


My date went for the Capra – tomato, goats’ cheese, pesto, rocket and confit tomatoes. Good enough that she didn’t share with me, and I was glad because I opted for something a little new to the menu. 



The Alpino – asiago, panna, speck, spinach, roast potato, garlic. Whoever came up with roast potatoes on pizza is a genius. Carbs on carbs – adding a round soft nuttiness to the pizza, along with the bitter green of the spinach and the salty cheese, it’s now possibly my favourite pizza at Ply – though I might need to do a taste comparison with the pear and blue cheese to make sure.

Whilst we may not have managed to eat the second pizza in it’s entirety (I mean, we tried), this is still probably one of my favourite Sunday bottomless brunch ideas in the city.

Pizza, fizz and music. What’s not to like? Now who fancies popping in for another session, so I can compare the two pizzas and decide which actually is my favourite?



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