Opening: Whitworth Locke

If you ever visited Atrium Apartments on the corner of Princess Street and Whitworth Street, I don’t know about you, but I felt totally underwhelmed. It looked more like a late nineties office building than an apartment hotel. The exposed brickwork on the inside was played down with flat pine wood, flatpack kitchens, and the outside never made the most of the spaces distinctive features. Instead it was flat, black and harsh. 

With the take over by Locke Living, turning the site into Whitworth Locke, it’s all change. The outside is far more gentle and understated and the inside… Well it’s a bit gorgeous. Let me take you on a little tour. 



As part of it’s formal opening, we wandered upstairs to have a look at one of the apartments. 



And whilst the door was a little ‘do not disturb’ that was just for us. 



Inside the walls are blush pink and blue. The pink is a lighter toned version of the brick of Manchester’s mills, the blue from the skies above the city. And there are more nods in the furnishings. The wood on the mirrors and beds the same as on the decking of canal boats, the dark grey of the kitchen, graphene – though perhaps in reality, more it’s cousin, graphite. 



And the rest of the space is totally different too. Gone is the flat, corporate pine. It’s textures, colour, light. And the stunning atrium glass roof gets a little revamp too. 

It’s soft and modern, quirky. Just by a change of light and furniture, nooks and corners are created for people to live and work in. Wander through the ground floor, and you’ll find Foundation Coffee. A great space for their second site – and no, you don’t have to be a resident to take advantage of a good brew, bite, or sit down with your laptop. 



A little wander up some stairs and you’ll find the Locker gym space, complete with scheduled yoga classes – as well as free weights, and equipment – perfect if circuits, lifting or even a little crossfit is your thing. 

They’ve also taken hotel living one step further. They want to blur the line between hotel and home, local and traveller. Alongside the yoga sessions, and a weekly 5km running club there are movie nights, bottomless brunches, and an afternoon tea that’s just a little bit different. Whether you’re staying in one of their studio apartments, or a local, you can find more information and booking options on Eventbrite.



Looking for somewhere to stay for a break, somewhere to work, or just somewhere to play with shots on Instagram? Locke definitely offers something a step away from the average. 



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