Opening: Hatch, Manchester

Oxford Road has been undergoing change for a while. Alongside the (currently yet again unusable due to more street works) cycle routes, the removable of the bridge near the University and the total revamp of the old Precinct centre, those of use work there have seen another, very welcome addition, Hatch.

It’s welcome because the corridor itself has limited food options. Sure there are the University campus options, and supermarkets galore, but if you want to get away from the office during term time, unless you fancy a Maccy D’s or pizza, it’s a fight for space at Umami, Footage or International House, or the hit and miss options at Kro (admittedly more hit now than miss, but still).  

And now we have Hatch. A stack of shipping containers featuring pretty things (Nonsense Store, Dead Legacy and The Beehive), boozy things (Love & Labour and Ol Nano Brewery), Caffeination (Takk) and food (Well Hung and Holy Crab). 

Whilst I love a pretty thing or two, at the time of writing, I’ve only indulged in my favourite past times at Hatch – food and drink –  so those are the ones I’ll concentrate on.

Food wise, current stand holders are heavily carnivorous. Well Hung offer great steak sandwiches – including their Philly steak – not only is it huge, it’s laden with tender stead, peppers and onions and gently oozy cheese. 

Holy Crab have oysters, crab balls and a fish sandwich that’s perfect comfort food – soft white bread, crisp battered fish – my mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

Even better, the lovelies at Ol let you nibble at the bar – making it easy to pop in and grab your post work beer, order your food, and enjoy your drink while you wait.

Which is exactly what we did on our visit this week. Ol have both their own brewed on site beers, as well as a great selection of craft beers from heavy rich stouts (Stay Puft from Tiny Rebel is on it’s way in soon), through to lagers and sours. I began with an IPA, before delving into an Imperial IPA (Tu Meke Fog by Rivington), before finally sharing a can with my date from their selection. 

Overall? I’m glad to see were getting much more selection in easy reach that isn’t just more takeaways and fast food. With an ever changing selection of vendors (fried chicken and vegan fried chicken is on it’s way soon from Firebird Hope), it’s more than enough to keep even the fussiest palates interested. 

Beer after work?

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