Once Upon a Time in Stretford

OK, I know I’m shooting myself in the foot for writing this. There are just a couple of weeks left of this pop-up on Chester Road in Stretford. And I kind of love it. So, Sid, if you’re reading, two for brunch on Sunday please, and please let me know where you can fit us in otherwise?

Also, if you’re reading this, Heather? Book this in again please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on?

Right, now that’s out of the way, Stretford’s latest popup at 1116 Chester Road, sister of The Sip Club, is bloody awesome. Now I admit, I’ve only been on a lazy Sunday, not in the evenings, but if the vibe is similar, then I could quite happily have it become my new home. 

It’s a Sunday afternoon. I’ve done a heavy session in the gym, but let’s face it, I could just simply be horrifically hung over. The effect is similar. I’m hungry, a little sleepy, the sun is high in the sky, and I need all the food. And maybe a cocktail or two.

I pull on some comfy clothes and grab Mr GFB, and head out the door. It’s merely a walk – I don’t have to get on the bus to Chorlton, or the tram to Manchester, I can simply walk to Dr Sid’s Speakeasy. Or run. Or jog. But walk suits me fine.

We walk into the speakeasy (no password required, but shhh don’t tell everyone, yeah?) and Sid seats us in the perfect spot. Admittedly, I can’t see the black and white movie running on the screen, but I have a seat that means I can lean back into the corner and get comfy.



The food is simple, but delish. From salt beef bagel and somewhat obscene looking dill pickle, to waffles with gelato, it’s comfort food. And whilst the hot dog was tempting, the bagels were always going to win – especially when there’s the option of a salt beef bagel with a Red Snapper for £10. Hangover revival for a tenner. Yeah, OK in my case it was post deadlift revival, but the effect is surprisingly similar (especially if you tend to train fasted, like I do).

Crisp but chewy bagel, seriously sexy salt beef, and oodles of yellow mustard. Or not,if that’s what you prefer, but Sid knows that sometimes you need the bottle so you can add more to your plate for dunking.

Don’t worry if Red Snappers aren’t your thing, there are lots of other cocktails (plus wine, beer, G&Ts and softs) as options. But cocktails were calling our name.



Negronis, Aviations, if you need it, a Corpse Reviver or two (I may have needed it).



Of course, this was a lazy Sunday brunch and at some point we dragged ourselves off our comfy bench seat and back to reality (for a little snooze in front of the telly). But still, it’s how I’d like to spend most Sundays if only I could. 

As for the evenings, knowing Sid, and St Retford, they’re a little more bouncy.

But shh. Don’t tell everyone. It’s just our little secret?


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All food and drink consumed in this post was paid for by ourselves. 

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