Oktoberfest at Ply, Manchester

Think Oktoberfest in Manchester and you’ll probably bring to mind the big tent that sits on Albert Square once a year, blue checked table cloths, beer from a giant tank, oompah bands, and dancing on tables. 

But Ply are doing things their way, and whilst there may not be dirndls and lederhosen, there will be plenty of  great beer from Munich, and a German sausage or two. 

Not wanting to miss out – Wednesday is the last day – my date and I headed over for beer and pizza Oktoberfest style.



Beers on offer include some real Oktoberfest beers that aren’t normally available outside Munich. Whilst we worked our way through a few, my personal favourite was the Augustiner Helles, with it’s beautifully hoppy floral finish. It kept me going back for another sip just to experience the finish all over again. 



Of course, we complimented these beers with a little German sausage, but not as you’d probably expect. Ply have brought out a pizza just for the occasion – The Best of the Wurst. Tomato base, fior di latte, Bavarian smoked cheese, sauerkraut, bratwurst and German mustard.  So much our cup of tea (or stein of beer?) that we took advantage of the offer they’ve got on all Oktoberfest long. Two beers and one pizza for £15 (or just one stein and a pizza for £12), means one pizza each. 

Yes please. 

Along with a good woodfired base, the sauerkraut and the mustard cut through the creamy smoky cheese, and slices of sausage. Delicious. 

Sure, there are no tubas or men in tight shorts, but I’m quite happy with a slice of wurst. Best catch it while you can. 


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