New Menu: Worsley Park Hotel

A little while ago, I visited Worsley Park for breakfast. It was… a little hit and miss. Which certainly made me a little  sad – for somewhere that hosts conferences, wedding reception, and has a delicious smelling spa that keeps tempting me, I wanted to be if not wowed, then certainly feel happy to stay and indulge in a little brekkie. 

Since then, their refurbishment on site is all but complete, including a relaunch of the restaurant, The Grill in the Park, with a new style, a and a new menu – developed by their Executive Chef Tom Gardner, and making much use of their new Montague Boiler Grill – a fixture in steakhouses across the USA. 

The restaurant space, plays up to this theme a little. The walls feature a pretty realistic log cabin style wallpaper, and button backed booths in a soft suede style fabric – but for this menu tasting, we were in a separate private dining room, bathed in a lilac light, and teased by scents of seared steak and chips. 



To the menu. As you’d expect there’s a fair amount of meat. A great range of steaks, but there are some great veggie options, and the seafood too makes use of that state of the art grill. While we deliberated over starters and mains, we nibbled on breads and dips, including a pesto that knocked my socks off. I could have quite happily eaten this all to myself, but other courses awaited (and you know, I had to be polite and share). 



For starters, I went in for something meaty straight away, with the buttermilk chicken in a basket with homemade barbecue sauce. Tender chicken, crunchy batter, and a tangy, sweet with just the right hint of a kick sauce. I can see why for some of the staff the larger Tandoori version, or the buttermilk chicken burger are favourites. 



My date, opted for for the asparagus with poached egg and Hollandaise. Now, unfortunately lilac lighting isn’t going to make this look the most beautiful of dishes, but I can confirm she was very happy with the crisp fresh asparagus, just runny egg, and rich sauce.

Onto mains and whilst the steak was tempting, and the grilled asparagus, bean and artichoke salad made me pause (artichokes for the win), I went a little off piste, and selected for the t-bone pork steak. 


And was extremely glad that I did. A big slab of pork steak, done so that it was still tender, but had all the charred flavour and a runny egg on top. And can I also pause briefly to mention the steak cut chips and the onion rings. Firstly the chips.



Look at the size of that beauteous hunk of potato which I lovingly dunked into bearnaise sauce. I’d come back here just to eat a couple of baskets of these chips. Maybe accompanied by the crispiest onion rings I have had in a long time. 


No soggy batter falling off disappointingly limp onions here. Crisp crunchy batter, sweet onion, happy Charlie. 

My date went all in for the steak. 


With a super rare fillet. It was soft, meaty and tender, and her side of garlic mash was also declared delicious (though I still think the steak cut chips edge it. Sorry not sorry). 

Dessert was, a bit of a challenge. By this point all belts had been loosened, and nap break option explored. So we went for a sharing dish, with the cookie dough. 



Hot from the oven squidgy cookies, and vanilla ice cream melting all over the top. It was delicious, but mouthfuls in we declared our surrender to the soft sweet treat. 

Whether you’re visiting Worsley Park for business, or for pleasure, fit in a trip to The Grill in the Park. I think you’ll be rather glad you did, 


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