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It’s taken me far too long to visit Milkjam. 

Partially out of fear. Once in there, how do I manage to drag my arse back out again without eating and drinking everything and sinking myself into a state of manic sugary love?

Secondly, how do I stop myself going back in for more of the above, given that it’s on my route to/from the gym and if I wander past, post workout, I’m going to be able to justify a visit on the grounds of having burnt off a pile of calories to create a deficit already? 

Both valid fears I think, and so I took help in the form of birthday girl Cheryl, and utilised a giant breakfast in Gorilla beforehand in the hope of sating my hunger somewhat and not feeling the need to consume all the sugary goodness in one go.


2016-08-07 13.16.51


It worked.

We found ourselves in the shop on Oxford Street, surrounded by cakey goodness, ice cream and brownies and I didn’t feel the urge to dive in head first and swim about in a sugary gorge fest. Win.

To explain a little, Milkjam is the collaborative creation of three women rather known for their expertise with all things sweet. We have Charlotte aka Bakeorama – most renowned for her cakes at Home Sweet Home, she left to fly solo last year. We then we have Nicki, aka Lush Brownies. Well known around the markets of the North West, and a number of venues in Chorlton (visit Chapati Cafe’s for a range specific to them, including a mango lassi number), I can count Mr GFB as one of her biggest fans. Finally, we have Claire, the lady behind Ginger’s Comfort Emporium – creator of Chorlton Crack, and my personal favourite Marmalade on Toast ice cream.


2016-08-07 13.17.37


So take three sugary geniuses, mix them up into a shop on Oxford Street and you have ice creams, milkshakes, brownies and cakeage that has to be experienced at least once. Even if you have to share. 


2016-08-07 12.54.47


In the words of a friend of mine ‘Fuck me. Unicorn shit!’. I don’t think Charlotte would disagree.

Cheryl and I indulged in a milkshake while perched in the window and watching the world go by (and noticing how frowny faced the lion above the entrance to Churchgate House is. He is a proper grump). Cheryl went for a classic rhubarb and custard combination, whereas I opted for another collaboration, featuring Chorlton Brewery, with a cinnamon crunch topping. Do not fear the beer milkshake, for it is a thing of beauty. 


2016-08-07 13.01.41


Luckily, having filled up on piles of bacon, eggs and toast, I didn’t have room to scoff a piece of cake alongside my milkshake, lest I risk a food baby induced nap time and end up on a bus in the middle of Partington having missed my stop. And so took the sensible decision to take a brownie home for Mr GFB and some bubblegum disco cake.

Yes, that’s right. Go back and re read it. No typos here (at least not in this bit). 


2016-08-07 13.43.06


I headed home happily with my slab of cake, a milkshake inspired smile on my face.

But I know I’ll be back.

It’s my birthday in a matter of weeks, and that swim through ice cream, milkshake and cake may still happen. 


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Everything consumed both on site and taken away was paid for by ourselves. 

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