#MerrierTogether with Moonpig

Ok, it’s the last payday before Christmas, so I’m letting Christmas invade everything. 

What can I say? I love Christmas. I mean not the crowded shopping, and busy bars, and all that, more the spending time with people I love, seeing their smiles as they open presents, and spending as much of the rest of my time off as possible in my pyjamas, eating tasty things and watching schmaltzy telly. 

In truth, I’ve had a bit of a head start, having been to the Moonpig blogger event – it was not only the perfect opportunity to get together with bloggers I haven’t seen for ages, but also try out the personalised card option on Moonpig’s website – thanks to a photobooth and a host of Christmassy props (as modelled by Jo, below), and a laptop. Ably aided by a glass of mulled wine. 

I can’t claim to have looked half as cute.



The process is super easy, pick a card, upload the image, edit it to your choosing, add all the words you want, and arrange for delivery. And Moonpig will either send it direct to you, so you can pass it on, or post is direct, perfect if like me there is always someone you’ve forgotten.

Serious concentration faces from me and Lisa


Moonpig want to use the festive season to bring everyone that closer together, even if they’re miles apart, so you can easily bundle cards and gifts together, or just a bundle of cards, and get a little extra off the price. Because whilst we’d all love to be able to devote oodles of time to finding the right card, and the right gift, and packaging it all up together and queuing at the Post Office in time to get it delivered, real life interferes and given the queue at my local Post Office, nobody has time for that. 

After making our cards, we moved onto cocktail making, before they let us loose on the crafts. I am now the owner of a suitably festive Christmas wreath – it was probably my favourite part of the day, aside from meeting Santa who made notes on my Christmas list requests. 

The wreath now has centre stage on my front door, making me smile every time I spot it as I head up the stairs. 


Now, I can’t tell you about the last thing we did, only that the lovely lady from Leeds Drink and Do helped us to do it, and that it’s now going to form part of a Christmas gift for a friend. So… I’ll reveal that later. Just know it involves dinosaurs. And Christmas. 



But what I can say is that I’m now in the process of getting all my cards sorted, plus those for the December birthdays, and if you think I might have forgotten you, maybe drop me a note?

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With thanks to Matt Chappell for the professional photos (I love that one of me and Santa!) and to Moonpig and CoLab for a bloody lovely afternoon. 

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