Manchester Science Festival: Gin Fuelled Events

Last year I, as Gin Fuelled Ltd organised some events with Manchester Science Festival.
We had Ginesis: Distill My Beating Heart – which was a gin tasting with a science edge held in the Manchester Museum. We had Pete Brown the writer, blogger and beer geek match Manchester beers to Manchester music hosted in Kosmonaut, and we had an exhibition of microscopic images in Tariff & Dale. 
The feedback we received from both the organisers and the people who visited was pretty straightforward.
More, please.
So this year we pitched a heap of events, and again, we have three. We’re looking at the science behind your cup of coffee, we’re looking again at the science of gin, and for those who have a slightly sweeter tooth, we’re looking at the science of rum.
Yes, yet again, we’re getting boozy with it.  
2016-06-28 20.32.45
Last year Ginesis was one of the first events to sell out! This year, we’re hoping for the same. It’s a gin tasting with a difference – still featuring 6 gins, tonics and garnishes (and a nibble break mid way through) we’ll be starting with a little G&T on arrival, and then look at the distillation methods and the botanicals used in the gins, discuss the effect of tonic, and recent research into the effect of tonic in your G&T. 
The gin scene has exploded over the last few years, resulting in the creation of over 700 different gins, and over 60 different tonics. We’ll cover a little of everything, from the science of the distillation, gin styles, through to the effect of tonic, and the difference a garnish can make to your G&T and why. 
2016-06-16 11.04.35
We’ve already got local Manchester distillers Zymurgorium on board – who famously began with a still made from a pressure cooker, and use mead to create their vodka and their range of gins. I’ll update as we have more brands confirmed, but once again, this promises to be a night of gin and science, and history, as we’re hosted in the fantastic Chetham’s School of Music and during the break at the mid way point, you’ll be able to visit the room of Elizabethan astronomer and mathematician John Dee. 
Tickets are priced at £20 each, an include 6 gins, tonics, and nibbles, and can be purchased here.  
Insert Coffee to Begin:
Manchester has a fantastically vibrant coffee scene. We have roasters, baristas, competitions, and even a Coffee Festival. But do you understand what goes into your cup of coffee? 
In two small events hosted by Grindsmith Espresso & Brew Bar in their Pod on Greengate Square, we’ll look into what goes into making your coffee, brewing it, and the effect milk, water, and temperature have on the molecules in your brew. Coffee is an area where there is a lot of active research, with roasters looking into the effect that water has on flavour and why your coffee may taste differently wherever your are in the world.  
The night includes coffee tastings, and nibbles. Tickets are priced at £10 and can be booked here
I’ve handed over the geeky rum fun to a definite expert. You’ll join Steven James of Rum Diaries an educational tasting, that will explain to you why Rums classifications have become somewhat outdated. Location based style classification is difficult as many rums straddle a line between styles. Colour based classification along with such horrific terms such as ‘Premium’ and ‘Super Premium’ give no indicators of true intrinsic value. 
A new classification system proposed by Velier’s Luca Gargano and backed by Foursquare Distillery’s Richard Seale highlights a category of identification based upon the method of distillation employed in the Rums production. 
During the evening we will discuss the proposed categorisation which from the top down is split into the distillation categories of batch and continuous, and then into a further 6 categories. We will discuss the ins and outs of each distillation method and further examine how this relates to the 6 proposed categories. We will discuss the effects that contact with wood has on a new spirit and also how Tropical age delivers an entirely different result to European age. 
To help you along we will be tasting Rums that demonstrate these categories. Aged and unaged “Pure Single Rum” from Jamaica, “Single Blended Rum” from Barbados, Admiral Rodney “Traditional Rum” from St Lucia, “Agricole Rhum” from Martinique and Ron Cubay Anejo “Rum” from Cuba. We will also get to taste Glorious Revolution, a Pure Single Rum made here in the UK. There may be a “flash aged” curve ball thrown in for good measure….but you’ll have to attend to find out. 
Rumnaissance features tastings of 7 rums and a break mid way for nibbles. Again, this is hosted in Chetham’s School of Music, so a visit to John Dee’s room is available during the break. Tickets are £20 and can be purchased here.

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