Mahou Beer at Iberica

It’s said there’s an art to pouring a beer.

And admittedly in the UK, we have historically had an aversion to a pile of white froth on the top of our pints. 

But we’re being taught otherwise. Partially thanks to tank beers, we’re learning that actually a good creamy foam isn’t something to be feared. We’re not missing out on beer. What we’re gaining in texture and flavour means it’s worth ‘losing’ a millimetre or a few of liquid.

But I think I really gained an appreciation for it through Mahou. And that’s probably because we got a little geeky with it. 



If you’ve been to Madrid, you’ll have probably spotted Mahou in local bars. And all over Spain, you’ll find beers often served in a smaller glass even than a half pint. Something we’re not very used to over here. It’s also, as you can see above, poured with a thick foamy head. Whilst most beer taps simply have on and off, Mahou uses three settings – on, off and foam. 

What’s really interesting, is what’s going on below the foam. You can see a gentle cloud in the liquid – the foam is stopping the fizziness of the beer escaping so quickly. It forms a soft barrier, so your beer stays consistently fizzy.

Compare that to a ‘UK style’ pour:



It’s clearer, and whilst there is still a head, you can already see it starting to sink, and the bubbles are making a beeline for the exit. 

It also makes a difference from a flavour point of view. The ‘UK style’ pour is a little sharper and a little more gassy, whereas the Mahou signature pour is much softer and smoother. 

Whilst the difference between the two might not be for everyone – Mr GFB still prefers the standard pour, whilst I prefer the Mahou pour – it’s interesting to actually be able to distinguish the difference in flavour and texture. It’s surprisingly prominent, far more than we both expected.



This is, Iberica hope, the first of many beers they’ll be bringing to Spinningfields over the next few months. There are even whispers of a ‘bucket deal’ – which is Spain’s version of a round. You buy a bucket, everyone enjoys their beers, then someone else buys the next one. 



But in the meantime, what might tempt you over is the competition Iberica and Mahou are running. Between now and the end of August, you can pick up a Mahou Loyalty Card from Ibérica. Purchase beers over the summer and get those stamps on your card – not only do you get a free beer and a bowl of olives when you’ve filled it all up (yay, free beer!) but fill in your details on the card and you go into a draw to win a trip to Madrid.

Not so shabby. 

The lucky bugger, er winner will be contacted in early September and will win a weekend for 2 in Madrid, including flights, and 2 tickets to a football game at either Santiago Bernabeu or Vicente Calderón.

OK, you lost me at the football bit, but I’m sure I could find someone to take Mr GFB, right?

Suddenly I feel rather thirsty… 


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