Lunch Review: Slug & Lettuce, Piccadilly, Manchester

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin. 

Once upon a time there was a young lady who was starting her first day at a new job. On her way into the office, she mused about starting work at such a big academic institution, and tried not to let thoughts of her having zero academic ambitions (and a distinct lack of qualifications) bother her too much.

As she came closer to her building, she spotted a young chap, handsome, with dark curly hair. As she hadn’t yet met her work colleagues, she wondered if she’d be working with him. 

She rather hoped she would.

As they both neared the entrance, he went into the building, somewhat oblivious to her presence, and let the door swing shut behind him – into her face. 

Non-plussed, she stepped back, and mused a quick cigarette before she went into the office proper couldn’t hurt. She was a little early after all. 

Over the next 12 months, the two would meet, and chat. Her corridor was full of confidential information and was access only. He worked in IT, and the server for the building was located on said corridor. And she had the key. Cigarette break chats, emails, and messages were exchanged.

Then on an exceptionally sunny April day nearly 16 years ago, she fancied a beer after work. So she messaged him. And they went on their first date, to Edwards near Piccadilly. 

That was then, and this is now. We no longer work in the same building, (and we no longer smoke either) but celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary next month.

And Edwards is long, long gone, in it’s place is a Slug & Lettuce, newly opened and the perfect excuse for a long lunch break away from our desks. For once anyway.



And to be fair to Slug & Lettuce, their lunch isn’t half bad. The cheapest option comes in at £5, which for a pub lunch, isn’t to be sniffed at. Oh and two for one cocktails isn’t half bad either, even if they do have to be the same cocktails.



Of course, this might mean that instead of one each, you maybe go for two each. But I couldn’t possibly comment.



Food wise, there was only one option for me, and it was step above the £5 option (Southern fried chicken wrap) at the princely sum of £5.50. The fish finger sandwich. Four fish fingers, soft bun, lettuce and tartare sauce, served with a pile of fries. 



Admittedly though, Mr GFB’s option did have me a little jealous. 



The butternut squash lasagne (£6.50) was full of flavour, and whilst the garlic bread might not be what you want on a lunch date (we’re old marrieds, it doesn’t count) it was crunchy, and a little moreish – especially when immersed in the soft tomato sauce of the lasagne. 



We even pushed the boat out a little and added a side of onion rings – it was a date you know, got to spoil each other. 



What we were most pleased about was the space. Gone is the dark dingy feel of Edwards, and even it’s subsequent incumbent. Instead, it’s light, airy, clean. 

It feels welcoming – more like somewhere you want to go, than somewhere you end up because you can’t think of anywhere else. 

Maybe in April next year, we’ll revisit it on our proper anniversary. But this time we’ll drink better beer. 


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This lunch was supplied for free by Slug & Lettuce. As ever, this doesn’t guarantee a positive review (if anything, I tend to be a harsher critic). In this case, we were more than happy with the service, meal and venue. Thank you for looking after us!

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