Lunch Review: Grill on New York Street, Manchester

The air is crisp, the pavement damp (though you’re kinda glad it’s not frozen because you have the wrong shoes on), and the weather can’t decide if it’s going to be bright and sunny, or pelt you with freezing rain.

Yes, it’s winter in Manchester. And that means one thing (OK more than one thing, but poetic license), winter menus.

Oh yes, all gloves are on, the woollies are layered, and the stodge is on the menu. Let us winter lovers rejoice. 

And what better excuse for a lunch date with Mr GFB – Grill on New York Street have brought back some of their best winter warmers, so we could get all cosy on a Friday afternoon. 



The lunch deal at Grill on NYS is pretty special, but we admit, we did mix it up a little. With those old favourite winter warmers returning to the menu, there’s a dish or two I can’t resist. 

So we went for two courses. For starters, I revisited the Thai fishcakes. 



Thick, dense, lightly spiced, and served with a fresh and astringent chilli sauce to cut through the fatty notes of the salmon. Meanwhile Mr GFB selected the bang bang chicken skewers. 



Tender chicken, somewhat addictive peanut dipping sauce that has just the right amount of peanut butter and hint of heat. 

I could feel my toes defrost. Though that might have been the glass of wine I was sipping.

For mains, there was only one choice for me. Chicken pot pie.



Crisp buttery pastry lid, chicken and leek in a white wine sauce underneath, all with a side of superbly rich cream and butter-laden mashed potato. The kind of mash you could just eat on it’s own with a jug of gravy and not regret it one bit. 



For Mr GFB, it was their twist on a steak sandwich. It’s a butty…. And yet it’s not.



Ohhh yeah.



Lift the lid, grab the mini gravy jug and let the carbs just soak it all up. 

Of course, if you’re like us and there’s never enough gravy in the world, throw in a side of poutine.



For the uninitiated, poutine is traditional in Canada, but we’d know it better as a form of cheese, chips and gravy. Not just alternative kebab fodder, it’s now finding it’s way into restaurants. The chips start crisp, but soon turn soft with the gravy, the squidgy acidity of the cheese cutting through the gravy – and it’s proper gravy too. The kind that makes your tastebuds happy and your lips sticky. 



Of course, we had no room for dessert, even though we’d waited til after 2pm to enjoy lunch together, not even ice cream was going to fit.

Next time, I’ll wear bigger pants.  


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This lunch and accompanying drinks were supplied for free by Grill on New York Street. As ever, this doesn’t guarantee a positive review (if anything, I tend to be a harsher critic).

The meal and service were great, not unexpectedly so, as we’ve visited before. And as a recommendation? The Galician beef. 

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