Live Music at Sugar Junction

Cocktails, cake and now live music.

Sugar Junction have always done great cakes (and breakfasts, and macaroni cheese, and a damn fine pot of tea), they’ve fairly recently started doing fantastic cocktails.

Now, to add another string to their bow, they also put on live music for anyone to enjoy.

Their first guest performers were the rather fantastic Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band. I’ve been lucky enough to see these chaps perform at least four times now – at Matt & Phred’s and The Whim Wham Club – and they never fail to impress.

2014-05-24 21.39.24

DBHMB play a combination of blues, jazz, ragtime and good old folk music. Fun, light and bouncy, tales are told through music in that old fashioned way. Classics of theirs such as Sing-a-long a Penny Farthing, one of my absolute favourites, Bad Butler and a new one, Going Back to Manchester.

2014-05-24 21.43.43

Add in a Peppermint Old Fashioned and I was in a very happy place, feet tapping, singing along, myself and Cheryl couldn’t help but think of other local artists we’ve seen perform, like Charlie Cooper, whose voice would be stunning in this space. I got goosebumps just thinking about it.

2014-05-24 21.38.30

We even indulged in a cake platter (even though we’d all eaten and then nibbled on a cheese plate in Wood & Wine Deli – greedy).

2014-05-24 22.21.12

But who can resist when it includes a slice of something that’s effectively Terry’s Chocolate Orange in cake form?

We’re only human after all.

2014-05-24 21.39.30

What’s rather nice is that when you arrive upstairs, it’s not obvious that there’s music downstairs – in fact you could comfortably come in and have a meal with your date without it being intrusive or obvious. For those of us there to enjoy the music, it’s almost like a speakeasy, slightly hidden away, making it feel like a secret little club you’re entering.

Once downstairs, the acoustics are really good. The clear walls and wooden floor mean that there’s not need for speakers or a PA and this adds to the experience of it being an intimate gig. So when they were singing The Girl with the Sweetest Curls, it felt like they’re singing it to you.

If I had curls of course. But I can pretend.

So if you’re fancying something a bit different on a Saturday night, pop by, grab a cocktail and head downstairs for a fantastic live gig, up close and personal. Intimate, relaxed and with oodles of cake. I’ll see you there.

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