Launch: Innocent Sex Toys


If you haven’t already gathered from the title of this, I’m going to be talking sex toys. Sexy times. Dildos, vibrators, pasties and er, stuff like that. So, before I start embarrassing you, or you can feel your cheeks going red (on your face), if any of this might be uncomfortable, stop reading and come back on Monday, when it’ll be something far more tame. 

Also, if you’re expecting me to be flashing flesh, and talking filth, I’m going to disappoint. Whilst I may have written erotic fiction in the past, this is not it. 

We all OK? Yeah? Good.

I’m pretty open about sex, and my sexuality. Whilst I might not be shouting it from rooftops, people know they can ask me questions and I’ll answer. And, well, because my brain really is like a sponge, and I like sex, I have a lot of information on sex stored in there. I understand a fair bit about kooks and kinks. I can understand the reasons why people like things, whether they’re my scene or not. And most people who know me, know that whilst I may not be an in-depth-living-the-lifestyle integrated member of the BDSM scene, I am certainly not immune to, or unaware of it’s charms. 

So an invitation to a sex toy launch at that den of iniquity (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase, even if it’s not really accurate) Cirque had me replying with a sound ‘Yes please!’.

Because sex toys are fun. They can add a little something to a relationship, help you realise a fantasy, or just, er, fulfill a need when you’re alone. Or with someone. Or just because you fancy it. They’re not hard to find, or necessarily expensive, but it’s easy to be misled. There’s nothing more disappointing that a floppy dildo, lingerie that’s cheap and tacky, or a pair of cuffs that aren’t exactly going to stand up to a little struggling.

The struggle can be the fun bit.

Innocent are all about the luxury – yes, some of the toys and playthings are more like functional works of art than you expect, but this is no bad thing. Sex – whether alone, or with someone – doesn’t have to be cheap. But it doesn’t have to cost the earth either, and even on my budget, I own some pieces from Innocent already. 

No, I’m not going to tell you which ones, that’s between me and the bedroom. But I do have a thing for metal and glass. 

They’re also, whatever your feelings about the film and the books, sellers of Fifty Shades of Grey products. Personally I won’t be buying, but I understand that it’s awoken the sex lives of many. But I’ll stick to the loving, consenting, respectful elements of BDSM. 

On the night we were treated to goodie bags filled with lube (not literally, that would be messy) and a little discount (that’s definitely going to get used), whilst we sipped fizz, and finally I got chance to wander down to the dungeon in Cirque. Cirque really was the perfect space to launch this brand.

And all I’m going to say is what happens in the dungeon, stays in the dungeon. 

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With thanks to Innocent and Cirque for the invitation to the event. 


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