International Women’s Day 2018

I’ve written before about women who inspire me – in blog posts in 2014 and 2015, I mention them on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram. There are many. Oh so many. 

From the ladies who are in my WhatsApp groups, or chats. Who cheer when things go right, who support when things go wrong. You know exactly who you are, thank you. Behind every woman in every difficult situation is a whole slew of these groups, chats and dissections of every word/message/occurrence. 

And if you haven’t got groups like this, get them. Friends, family, hell, drop me a text, count me in. These women are PRICELESS.

To those on my social media, or those who send me messages of support, or comment. Quietly, gently, publicly or anonymously. Those who assure me I’m on the right path, who cite me as their inspiration. Those thank yous I give in return are totally heartfelt. 

To the women who show me I am not doing enough. Whether visible to all, or in private, you help me push myself to do more, through thought, or action. You make me think, reconsider, question, or just simply strive to do and be more. Some of you are at the forefront of your field, some of you are battling through personal issues, some of you through the misogyny or difficulties of your worksphere, your home, your country, your childhood, your situation, your health, yourself. 

And to those who are no longer with us. Though your voices aren’t in my ear any more, they are in my heart.

If you get the chance, just to whisper to one person, someone in the background, or up high in the public realm, then do so. 

And from me, thank you. 


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