Product Review: In Truffle We Trust

Product Review: In Truffle We Trust

4 days to go, and yes, you’ve guessed it, this year I’m going to be one of those idiots out doing their Christmas shopping two days before. 

It’s mostly my own fault, but add in the birth on Friday of my new niece, a few family dramas and a new business and yeah, it’s all last minute and then some. 


So for those presents I still haven’t bought, I’ll be leaning on my favourite places, a few favourite things and one I’m firmly adding to the list is In Truffle We Trust.

I must admit I’m a little bit biased – not toward the truffles, but toward their maker. Jess has been a friend for quite a while now, and I met her away from chocolatey goodness. It makes me incredibly proud to see how much she’s done since her days as a pastry chef at Abode and Australasia. Now you can buy her chocolates everywhere from Selfridges to Epicerie Ludo, to local markets. 

But enough about the gorgeous Jessica, onto the truffles themselves. 

All of the chocolates from In Truffle we Trust are handmade – I know this not only because the ITWT website has a film showing you how they are made, but because also as Jessica’s friend, I have seen many a Facebook status about the film she’s watching while she hand dips 1000s of truffles. 

Product Review: In Truffle We Trust

They are also, as you’ll see above, hand painted – making it a little easier for you to identify the flavours, so you’re not taken by surprise when you bite into a mulled wine chocolate, when expecting a honey and thyme. 

And that’s the other thing – everything is beautifully sourced. ITWT can trace the chocolate to it’s home in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, and there is nothing artificial added, from the nuts, to the herbs and spices used, ITWT can tell you exactly where the flavours you’re enjoying have come from.  

Product Review: In Truffle We Trust

I like having trust in the provenance of my food – and that I’m gifting others. 

This latest bag of goodies, the Winter Truffle selection featured ten chocolates, two of each flavour. I will admit that the first half were savoured in the office over two days. How I kept it to two per day, I’m not sure, perhaps it’s some sort of delayed gratification thing. But that I then managed to save the other half for when I was home with suitable lighting to take pictures is pretty damn amazing.

The mulled wine (purple) were deep, rich and warming, with a hint of spice, that was incredible satisfying. The texture was slow melting, buttery, as I’ve come to expect with Jessica’s deft chocolate skills. 

Honey and thyme (green) proffered deep herbal notes, honey giving them a syrupy sweetness and a soft round mouthfeel.Product Review: In Truffle We Trust

The chestnut (naked) were more textured, with tiny morsels of soft, nutty chestnut throughout, the milk chocolate a perfect foil for the flavour.  

The orange and clove (orange) were more gentle than I anticipated, the clove adding a warm spiced note, the orange lightly bitter, but not overpowering. Given my love for orangettes, this was (almost) my favourite. 

But taste wise, the lemon and rose (pink), were heavenly. Turkish delight without the heavy cloying sweetness – the bitter lemon lifted the rose and made it sing. They were just stunning and left me somewhat bereft when I’d eaten both. 

I was left like a child after a ride on a carousel wanting to shout ‘Again, again!’.

And unsurprisingly Mr GFB didn’t get a look into this lot. 

I think I know what I’d best put in his stocking this year.

This bag of truffles were received free of charge for review. I bloody love Jessica’s chocolate and no, that’s not because she’s a friend. If she was poor at making chocolate, I’d tell her. Yes I’m that kind of friend. 

Luckily (though this is down to her skill, not luck) this lady is bloody awesome at making chocolates. Now run off and buy some already.


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