Hotel Review: Hub by Premier Inn, Tower Bridge

Finding a good hotel in London is hard. Wait, let me qualify that a little bit. Finding a good, reasonably priced hotel in London is hard

Occasionally you find a bargain at a luxury spot and leap on it like some sort of starving animal. You can get a great chain hotel in one part of the city, and a tired ageing one in another. And it’s the same price, which you kind of resent because when it’s a chain you expect a certain amount of consistency.

Of course, you can go to an independent hotel or B&B. That in itself is also a landmine. One minute that £100 you spent is so worth it you tell everyone about it (and then can never manage to get in again because everyone else is booking it on your recommendation). Or you go, stay, and return home needing to disinfect your overnight bag.

The dreaded Trip Advisor is no help. In between genuine reviews you suspect there are numerous untruths – either that or the breakfast they had bears no relation at all to the breakfast you experienced. Or maybe there are two hotels with the same name?

My latest trip down to the big smoke was bit of a revelation. I found a little spot to stay over – compact and bijou, sure. But it was neat, clean, brand new and a bit of a bargain.



Premier Inn have a new range of hotels based in central locations – Hub by Premier Inn. There are six in total, the majority in London, with one in Edinburgh. Prices in London start from £69, and £49 in Edinburgh – on the Royal Mile. 

So what do you get for your money?



It’s small, more like a pod than a room in some respects. But for it’s small size, you get a separate bathroom (larger than some Premier Inn standard ones I’ve experienced too), free WiFi throughout the building, fully controllable air conditioning/heating. 

Yes, there are no coffee/tea making facilities in the room, but you’ve a cafe downstairs, so you can easily grab anything you need (including wine and beer).



Sure, if you’re staying for a week, or staying as a couple for a couple of days, it might be too small to avoid getting on each other’s nerves – but if like me you just need a quick overnighter – somewhere to lay your head and maybe get a little work done – it’s pretty darned perfect. 



The bed is more than comfy, check out easy peasy, and the staff (at least at the Tower Bridge venue) bloody lovely. It’s definitely on my rebook list. 

That said, I’m again struggling to find availability for my next trip in July. Might be back to the drawing board for another option!


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This accommodation was paid for by myself. 


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