Hotel Review: Hilton Doubletree, Westminster

The last couple of weeks seem to have been filled with disruption, difficulties and headaches.

In fact this week especially has been a case of can go wrong, will go wrong. 

I had to make a trip to London to submit and then collect some paperwork for one of the professors. Simple you’d think. Pop down on a train, submit it – then simply return a week later and collect.

Oh how I wish it had been that simple. It took me four trips in total because between kids playing on the lines, being stuck behind a slow freight train, a landslip and derailments, my week went a little awry. Which was how I found myself booking into a hotel on Sunday night – just to make sure nothing else could go amiss.

Of course that’s no guarantee and of course it did go wrong.

I got off the Tube and walked to the hotel, and my new beautiful red shoes duly rubbed my heel to shreds and I finally arrived at the DoubleTree in Westminster bloodied, limping, cursing and feeling rather sorry for myself.




Thankfully there was the customary warm cookie welcome from DoubleTree in chocolate and walnut form to make me feel better. If I could have cuddled that damn cookie I would have. It was balm to a frazzled Charlie.

I checked in smoothly, easily, and made my way (still limping) to my room. There a high comfy bed, Apple TV (yeah, I might not be so fussed about that bit, being an Android fan), small but perfectly formed bathroom and the opportunity to order room service and take my bloody shoes off and survey the damage on my heel. It wasn’t pretty.




Whereas the room, by comparison was lovely. Neutral decor, clean lines, comfortable. Not overly plush, but given the £150 price tag, not bad at all for Westminster – and 15 minutes from my morning destination. 



Considering my experience at the Hampton in Liverpool, you’d think I’d steer clear of Hilton Hotels, but I’ve had experience of DoubleTree before – and comfortably so. Which seems ridiculous given the price difference: £130 for Liverpool Docks in ‘basic’ accommodation, versus £150 in Westminster for comfortable accommodation and, more importantly, a bathroom door that actually closes and locks shut.



 Room service was duly ordered and I settled in with Sunday night TV, a cup of tea and Club sandwich. 



Of course, as for every hotel stay, the key test is breakfast. The DoubleTree, like it’s budget sister offers a buffet breakfast at extra cost (£10 charge in advance). And I’d happily pay that again. 




There’s simply no comparison again to it’s (barely) cheaper sister brand. Even though the scrambled eggs were sitting in exactly the same style heated containers, they weren’t close to the watery slop that was dished out in Liverpool. These are creamy, gently firm, seasoned well. Even the coffee was rich and tasty.

I checked out with minimal fuss, and was soon collecting documentation and heading home.

£150 for a Westminster stay?

Yes, I’ll do that again.  



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