Homage to Fromage

Anybody who knows me, knows I have a bit of a thing for cheese.

I don’t mean as in I like a bit of it occasionally. I mean as in a dessert versus cheese menu selection, cheese will win. Unless I can get both, at which point there’s no contest anyway. 

And I’m not alone. Homage to Fromage is a cheese club started by two cheese loving friends. It went from a monthly meet up over the Pennines to being held in four cities. This month it was celebrating it’s 6th birthday. And yes, I finally managed to go along to the Manchester get together. 

On a cool Monday evening, I finished my gym session and damn near ran to Bakerie where it was being held. My seat – right next to the cheese I might add, my date knows me well – had been held for me, as had a glass of wine. 

Now, before you worry that this a snobby cheese and wine tasting where people talk about tasting notes and hints of Finnish hillside or Grecian farm yards, it isn’t. Your tickets buys you cheese – oodles of it. Sometimes a talk from a cheese maker, or in this case a birthday quiz, and all the bread, chutney, or cracker related accompaniments. Any booze (or not) is your purchase. And except in the case of the quiz, when it comes to flavour, there are no wrong answers. 

There is cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. 



Eight cheese options were laid upon the table in front of the bar. Right next to where I was sat. But first, the introductions, and the rules. First, the rule of thumb. 



Your Homage to Fromage plate includes eight sections for your cheese. When your host shouts the word ‘CHEESE’ you head over to the table, and cut yourself a thumb size piece to try.



Grab some crackers or some of Bakerie’s delicious bread, and sit back down to sample a little of everything. This means you can decide which you like best, and which you don’t. Then you can go back for seconds, or thirds, or more if you have room. 

Once the cheese is gone, it’s gone. But until then, you can enjoy it, chat with your tablemates, sip wine (or beer or water or whatever) and enjoy cheese. All the lovely cheese. 



The birthday event included some incredible cheeses, Taleggio (a bit of a favourite of mine), Brie de Meaux, and a charcoal cheese – perfectly matching my date’s lipstick. 

As we reached cheesey saturation point, it was time for the quiz. Though we did well, we sadly did not guess the weight of the largest ever cheese wheel, nor that the first film to ever be censored in 1903 featured images of cheese mites



If, like me, you have a bit of love for cheese, can I suggest you give Homage to Fromage a try? Their next meeting is in November. 

See you there?


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All costs associated with this were paid for by ourselves. 

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