Have yourself a foodie little Christmas

Have yourself a foodie little Christmas

Last week, it was booze. It proved so popular (as did the Pinterest Board with even more suggestions on it than I could fit in the post, that this week, it’s the turn of food.

If you know a foodie, love a foodie (I really hate that word, but when it fits, it fits), or are a foodie, then these are a few of the things Santa could, or should be delivering to sit under your tree. 

I wrote about them recently and I must admit, Gift of Oil are on both my wish and my shopping list. Here’s where I hope my dad doesn’t read my blog (I don’t think he does), because I’m treating him and his wife to one of the gift sets. Of course, just in case, I’m not going to say which…. 


Olives et Al are also on my hit list. Not just because they do gin and vodka infused olives (which they do), but because their gift sets and hampers look amazing – more deli delights than you can wave a bread stick at. 

Have yourself a foodie little Christmas

A little more locally, Hickson & Black’s offer cheese wedding cake and birthday cakes, why not mess with tradition and make it your Christmas choice? Or just go and stock up for your cheese board (like I will. It’s still the only place to offer me cheese on credit because I spend so much there. I should just set up a Direct Debit). Cheese Hamlet too offer cheese related gifts – give a voucher or a hamper. 


Moving onto things a little sweeter, Merangz offer gourmet meringues, that arrive prettily boxed and will make any sweet toothed foodie happy, as will Squidge Marshmallows, based over in Prestwich, with their soft, light marshmallow treats.

Flower & White - Chocolate Merangz Bites (Media)

And I must admit to a small (large) Jelly Belly addiction. I’ve tried their cocktail jelly beans recently (full review to follow), but given my first trip to the USA many moons ago, involved me bringing back around 1kg of flavoured beans, these are always high on my wish list. 


Sweet trees too are a great option – looking pretty even as you denude them of their, er fruit. So say it with Minstrels, buttons or Smarties. 


The ever popular In Truffle We Trust another homegrown talent, have gorgeous nibbles available, though you’ll have to track down Jessica at local markets and stores (a full list can be found here). 

And of course, markets all over the city are a great option – from Levenshulme Market to the Makers Markets, Altrincham Market, Stockport where you’ll find people like The Moocher, The Manchester Cheesecake Company, and The Brownie Owl – spending local keep the money in the city. 

But it’s not all about eating. Honest. Sometimes it’s about making. So for the little makers (or the big ones who’ve not quite grown up yet), how about something kitsch for the kitchen? Miffy recently celebrated a big birthday this year, so why not finish the year with a Miffy baking set – pinny, cutters and tins included.


The the adults, the kit gets a whole lot sexier with I.O. Shen Knives – budding chef in the family? Go all out an get it engraved too (these are also on my ‘OMG yes please’ Christmas list). 


Or go the whole geek, with Nisbets and Cream Supplies. Gadgetry beckons with mixers, dehydrators, and sous vides, cream whippers and science themed tableware – as the home kitchen starts getting more technical, catering shops are no longer just for trade, but for the home too. 


If you can splurge a little, people like Cheshire Cookery School vouchers for everything from demonstrations to full days on offer, Bread Angels also have baking course vouchers – well worth indulging in. 

And speaking of baking, the vanDotsch Speculaas Spice Shop have a heap of baking goodies for these traditional Dutch cookies, and until December 15th offer 10% off with the discount code IWIN10.

Cookbooks too offer a massive range of options, from the well known TV chefs like Nigella, Jamie et al, to our own local talent – Jackie Kearney released her stunning Vegan Street Food cook book this year –  have this, utterly recommended.


And for the baker, how about Luis Troyano’s Bake it Great?

These are, but a tiny snapshot of the ideas out there. I’ll keep adding stuff to the Pinterest Board associated with this post, as well as the boozy one, as more stuff hits my inbox, or I spot it out and about.

Don’t just hit the supermarket shelves and pick up a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. Give them something they’ll really love. 

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