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I’m stepping away from the alcohol for a couple of posts – I have gin and rum to tell you about next week, but in the spirit (geddit?) of Dry January and all of you resting your liver a little for charity, I thought I’d keep it teetotal.

And hit the caffeine instead.

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You see way back when, I added some pounds to a crowdfunder project for a new coffee house. One that promised freshly ground real coffee, locally sourced, in an eco pod in the city centre. As a long term coffee addict and independent fan, I saw an opportunity to potentially have my own tiny bit of influence on my home. And donated what I could spare.

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From that successful funding back in 2013, they’ve built a reputation for excellent coffee, expertly brewed, and aided by a number of local roasters including Coffee Circle, Passionfruit and Mancoco. Last year they added the coffee trike on Great Northern and then, just before Christmas, they opened their new space on Deansgate.

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And had a party.

Yes, there was coffee, but there was also fizz and mulled wine. Lots of Christmas jumpers and a chance to get a good look at the finished project.

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The interior was put together expertly in two weeks by the chaps at M3 Industries. It’s along similar lines to the decor in the pod – reclaimed wood from pallets, clean lines, light, and impressive artwork.

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As well as a number of coffees – OK pretty much every kind of coffee style that could take your fancy, from espresso to macchiato – there are also a fabulous selection of teas and lots of fresh sandwiches cakes and nibbles to keep you going while you use the space to work, or to take away when you pop in for lunch.

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And there are plenty of fresh beans for you to take away an use at home – and knowing the guys working that steam, plenty of advice for anyone wanting to learn how to make a good cup of coffee into a fantastic cup of coffee.

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For me though, there’s a little bit of pride, which I know is dreadful of me really. Pride that the teeny bit of money I donated has gone into something so fabulous and that’s gained such support in the city.

From little acorns, right?

Can I just add here that the eco pod keeps being broken into. It’s heartbreaking. I love that little haven of calm on Greengate Square. Bastards. 

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