Greater Manchester Marathon

Sometimes something happens that sort of knocks you for six. Takes the rug out from under you.

Last week was the launch of the Greater Manchester Marathon 2015. Having been foiled by a dreadful cold/sinus infection/chest infection in 2013 and being left unable to run it, this year I was in the queue at the launch in Spinningfields.

I’m determined to complete it next year.


I got my awesome ASICS goody bag for being one of the first to register, got my email confirmation. All sorted.

I then started to consider what charity I would run for. I pondered and had almost made a decision, had even discussed it with my gym buddy that morning, and headed into the office with a smile on my face.

Then, a message hit my inbox on Facebook. A relative has recently undergone rather drastic surgery, and had received her biopsy results. Stage 3 cancer.

Thankfully, it looks like they have all the diseased tissue. Which is fantastic news.

Unfortunately, this result, when added to other elements of family history means that all the ladies in my family will now have to undergo yearly smear tests and ultrasounds to be on the safe side.

I’d like to say this was unexpected. It wasn’t, not really. I had almost expected it, but it still made me wobble.

I then had to break the news to my sisters.

So rather than mope too much, I’ve changed the charity I’ll be running for. So I’m going to run the Greater Manchester Marathon for The Eve Appeal – a cancer charity that specifically raises money for, well, lady cancers.


This, of course, means the return of Marathon Mondays – regular posts updating you on progress (though given I’m starting right back at 12km currently, it may be once a fortnight til I hit half marathon distances again, to save you the boring bits!).

And means I’ll be bugging everyone on social media for donations, just as soon as I’ve finished setting up the page on Virgin Money Giving.

Now to get my trainers laced and get those miles under my belt.


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