Girls Go Better by Cycle

Throughout this month, This Girl Can and International Women’s Day meets cycling with the Girls Go Better by Cycling campaign run by TfGM.

Cycling across the country has seen an increase in general, but there are still four male cyclists for every female cyclist commuting to work in the UK. This campaign hopes to change that with female focused led rides, training courses, group rides, competitive circuits, exhibitions, get togethers, discounts and competitions, as well as some female-only cycle training and maintenance sessions.

Girls Go Better by Cycle

Today sees the first part of this at the People’s History Museum with the #IRideBecause photography exhibition, and the Cycling to Suffrage: The Bicycle and Women’s Rights 1890-1914 exhibition, and it culminates on 31st March with the inaugural Women’s Cycling Workshop on 31st March, with guest speakers from the world of cycling and discussions about further encouraging cycling in Manchester.

For someone like me, whose husband is a keen commuter cyclist, and who has a bike languishing in the shed, it’s the ideal time for me to look at dragging my two wheels out, dusting them off and giving it another go.

If you’d like to know more, the TfGM website has the details of all 50 events being held.

Maybe I’ll see you at one?

Girls Go Better by Cycle

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