The Gintlemen

There is, I fear, a dearth of gentleman bloggers, and plus size male bloggers in particular – and as someone fond of a more curvy gentleman, that makes me sad.

So, with the help of some of the fabulous chaps I know, from all walks of life, I’ve created The Gintlemen. A small group of gentleman bloggers. From fashion to grooming, and beyond, these gents are here to provide their experiences, reviews and feedback. 




Adrian, is an adopted Mancunian residing with his wife of 1 (and a bit) years, 5 step children, 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a couple of hamsters. He has a daughter of his own, who is forging a career in parental financial extortion from her secret base in Hoole. In his own words, his 49 years have often been an extraordinary dinghy journey through rough mental health seas, until recently when he had to hold his hands up and say he was going overboard. His passions include good food, good beer, good films and he makes room for more food by running – twice over 26 miles. He’s now volunteering in the city at a street kitchen, and part of the growing body positivity movement. Here’s to his next adventure.



Ben is best known as one quarter of the classical crossover group G4, runners up on the first series of ITV’s The X Factor in 2004. Ben’s Italianate tenor voice has, in its own right, enabled him to work for and alongside artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Lesley Garrett, Russell Watson and more within the commercial industry, as well as singing on classical and operatic stages such as the Royal Opera House, English National Opera, Scottish Opera, the Teatru Manoel, Malta, the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Festival Hall.

Away from music, Ben has a wide ranging gin collection spanning over 120 bottles and a shopping habit easily outstripping his budget. He is an ardent believer in the bigger man being able to follow fashion and trends, and has an inexplicable weakness for multicoloured brogues.




Whereas most may hit the gym to lose weight, Ewan is doing the opposite. He has lifted weights on and off for around a decade, but it took real focus around 4 years ago when he started training for, and competing in, strength based sports. He now competes across the spectrum of strength and participate in powerlifting, strongman and weightlifting. And it’s been a transformation – from being a very skinny guy (his own words) to sitting around 17.5 stone, so he knows better than most the way society can treat you as you get larger and larger (and as he would claim balder and balder in his case). At the beginning of 2016 a long standing lower back injury finally climaxed in ‘the biggest disc bulge I’ve ever seen’ (a quote from the surgeon who eventually sorted him out), leading to over 12 months on the bench. Whilst he trained as much as he was able, a loss of around 3 stone in weight and untold strength. This change in physique and physiology left him feeling (for want of better terminology) massively emasculated. Following surgery in January this year he’s back training and back putting weight on the bar and on his body.




Gintlemen Jack Pearson, a gent who gets obsessed with writing blog posts or loves using Twitter for about 3 months, then goes pessimistic and remembers he hates social media. If you wish to read some old (but still informative) Posts please Click Here or you know, keep encouraging him to post on here. 




Whisky drinker, whisky writer and absinthe fan, John is a notorious salad dodger and all around lovely rogue. He likes either dressing like he’s a 15 year old rap fanatic or a seventy year old dandy but better than becoming part of the walking dead of SuperDry wearing 40 something dads drifting into old age and forgetting to bother.

He loves drink, food, and has a strange affection for his duel fuel stove.




Jon is a lewd, tattooed and micro-brewed sort of a guy. His three greatest loves (with the obvious exception of a certain Robyn) are pizza, powerlifting and pondering. It would have been pontificating, but that only tends to happen after the bit that involves micro-breweries.

Whilst generally good natured and placid, he can also be spotted in some heated discussions expounding his views about left wing politics and a slightly jaded (read close to nihilistic) perspective on the world from time to time. All in all, a fun guy who enjoys a turn of phrase here and there. 



Lee Jenkins is a Bolton-based writer, who has appeared on C4 News and RT News and contributes to a number of political and foreign policy journals. But whereas his expertise might be somewhat political, his posts on here are all little bit different.