The Gintlemen, John: Baby Steps

This week John talks about the steps he’s taking to get himself on the right track. 

So I buy this nice coat from Jacamo and I’m slowly starting to break in my Church’s boots, ones I’ve had for about ten years and had resoled twice and are basically perfect but a little stiff because I tend to slob out and just wear trainers.

So now I guess I just need to get fit, huh?

First thing first, diet, not going on a diet, because I’ve done loads and only Slimming World worked but it’s really expensive to keep going and if I’m honest, a total fucking faff.



But my diet, what I eat, or what I’m going too. For one thing smaller portions, my wife is always telling me not to cover her full plate, steaming hot dinner piled high on our plates so that’s something I need to work on, I have no idea why but I always cook loads, I think it might be from when I was single. I used to make one thing every few days, a big pot of curry, chilli, stew, whatever and then I’d basically eat it from the pot for a couple of days and then do something else.

I’m actually reasonably healthy with what I eat, I probably eat too much bread but apart from that I eat plenty of veg and fruit and if anything it’s rich food I eat and too much of it rather than giant bags of crisps or biscuits, I just don’t keep junk food in the house, if I don’t buy them I can’t eat them, sort of thing.

So now for getting fit, there is no point at all in even thinking about going for ten mile cycles or doing Muay Thai, I’d just get injured again or get upset at running out of puff after five minutes so I’m going to walk every day, just a mile or two per day at first and building up, wee one is keen on geocaching too so that might be a fun way to keep the walking up.

Anyway, that’s my plan for the first month, eat a bit less, walk a bit more. I’ll be back on here in a few weeks to let you know how it’s going.

The Captain.

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