The Gintlemen, Ewan: There are no lines

This week Ewan inadvertently covers a topic close to my heart. About being put in boxes…

One thing I have had to come to terms with recently is that in most aspects of life, and this is especially true with people, is there is no such thing as black and white.

It is my nature to want to categorise things, I find it gives me clarity and focus. I do it in training all the time, I am a weightlifter or I am a powerlifter or I am a strongman. I was never just a guy that lifts weights. These hard lines I set myself, while giving me clarity, never really lead to making my life any better.

So during a long walk in the woods I turned this idea over and over, and came to the realisation that there is no such thing as black and white in this world, just infinite shades of grey. People, especially, are very, very grey.



They are grey in all aspects possible, from their interests to the way they dress. What we see on social media are tiny snapshots. And if, for example, we are looking at professional athletes, or someone with a large sphere of influence, these posts will be manicured and tailored to fit a brand. They appear to be hard-lined, but chances are behind the social media is a person who is just as grey as the rest of us.

 So, how does a person, like myself, who likes to categorise things, people and interests, come to terms with this very grey world?

Well, in the first instance you just accept it and deal with it. it rubs the wrong way, and leaves me feeling a bit floaty, but fine, this is the world, to think about it any other way or to try and force it to fit my model simply won’t work.

Then, you embrace it. Now I’m not a weightlifter, or a fell runner. Now, I’m a guy that lifts weights and runs and wears plaid but not all the time and sometimes I eat healthy and sometimes I eat and entire pack of biscuits and likes video games but hates video games who likes to read both trash and intellectual pieces and sometimes listens to metal and other times jazz and classical and like every bugger else I am very, very grey.

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