The Gintlemen, Adrian: #VeryParty

In the first of two posts (one from me!) Adrian and I talk about our favourite pieces from the Very Party showcase. But in the interests of equality, gintlemen first… 

Next year I’m hoping to be a Very good man!

We began on a typical cold November morning. The festive markets are open, the lights are starting to go up on houses and streets, people are getting excited about the big man coming down the chimney!

What better way to spend a day, than to hop on a train with the wonderful Gin Fuelled Bluestocking herself! And make our way to Very’s head office for their winter showcase.



A friendly welcome thawed the grey matter and we were led into the demonstration area, we were met with a great selection of party dresses, suits, shoes,et al.

There were also stands featuring 90’s one hit wonders the spin doctors, oh no wait a minute it was skincare brand the Skin Doctors, make up advice from Illamasqua, best of all sandwiches crisps and fruit!



And for the outfits….well.

Particular favourites in the menswear:



Dapper lining from Ted Baker, and a great shoe/tie combo too. Good showing from Very as well.



My absolute favourite was however these white brogue detailed sport shoes (again from Ted Baker) with a great koi feature on the sole.



Great selection for the ladies, including the fluffiest coats, the goldenest bucket, shiny shoes, Adam Ants boots! (Unsubstantiated claim)… winner in my eyes was this dress, weighing in at around 8kg it’s ideal for the lady who wishes to wow while working out!



So, a huge thank to Sam and her team for glamming up Saturday, link here for the party wear page.  On seeing the contents of the goody bag it is due to this I will endeavour to better my behaviour next year, in the hope of an invite and a bag for the male blogger.


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