Gin Review: Tyler Street Gin

Anyone who knows me, knows I love citrussy flavours. When it comes to to a dessert choice, if it’s between chocolate and something citrus heavy, the latter will always win. Brownie versus lemon tart? No brainer. 

So I’m always welcoming of a citrus led gin, and, given Tyler Street Gin‘s pedigree, this is more than welcome. Tyler Street Gin is from the husband and wife team behind Cornwall’s Curio Spirits, well known for their Rock Samphire gin, and their Cocoa Nib Vodka (seriously, try them, they’re delicious). 

William and Rubina Tyler-Street are the couple behind both of these brands, Curio first being made available to the public in 2014. Tyler Street is a little side line that sees them create a London Dry style gin, with a lot of citrus. It uses ten botanicals from Europe and the Mediterranean. The gin is distilled in a copper still, and at the end of the process they use the same Cornish spring water you can find in their Curio range. 



The result? Neat the nose  is light, soft, doesn’t give much away. On the palate, you get a good waft of citrus, warm orange notes, but all backed up (as you’d expect) with a juniper backbone and a spicy finish.

In a G&T, again the nose is fresh, light and clean. On the palate tonic opens it up a little bit, softening the edges, letting the citrus play about a bit. Despite it’s London Dry style, this is a very accessible gin, and, dare I say it, pretty sessionable. One of those gins that you’d happily return to on a night out. 

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