Gin Review: Tinker Gin

Most people still associate gin with that bottle on their gran’s shelf. You know the one I mean, that smells of pine and perfume. 

But gins, especially in the last few years have changed immensely. The advent of the ‘Western style’ gin is opening doors to new gin lovers. So whilst I’ll always be a fan of a London Dry, or ‘ginny’ gin, there’s a wealth of flavours out there to explore.

And I’d like to introduce you to one of the newest, being barely a few weeks old, though it’s planning has been going on for some time – in fact I was reminded by one of it’s creators that I tried a trial sample back at Leeds Gin Festival last year. 



Say hello to Tinker Gin.

Tinker is the new gin from Jym and Marie, the couple behind the Gin Festival. Their idea to create a gin festival in the same style as a beer festival has opened the world of gin to people up and down the country. So it’s no surprise really that after being surrounded by gin on a day to day basis that they were inspired to create their own. So late last year they launched a Crowdfunder project to help them do it. 

Unsurprisingly, it reached the target. 

Fast forward to this year, and it’s on the shelves at Gin Festival, in the shop on their website, and now on my own shelf at home. 



Tinker is a western style gin – so where a London Dry is juniper heavy, Western is softer, lighter in juniper and more predominant in other flavours. Tinker is specifically inspired by Spanish style gins enjoyed by Jym and Marie while on holiday – lots of fruit and enjoyed in a big copa style glass, with lots of ice and tonic. (And presumably preferably on a sun lounger in the sunshine, or maybe that’s just me?). 

Sampled neat, it’s an easy one to sip. On the nose it’s sweet, with lots of fruit, berries and hints of pear drops, the juniper sitting firmly in the background. On the palate it’s sweet, soft, fruity – almost think sweet fruit rock, it’s not dissimilar, with notes of pear, and lemon sherbet. 

I’d be happy sipping this with just a cube of ice or two, it’s so gentle on the palate. 



With tonic and I’d recommend a light tonic – something like Fever Tree light, or even 1724 – it’s a moreish, light sweet G&T. I’d go so far as to say that this is a great introductory gin, as it’s so fruity and easygoing. It’s going to be one of those perfect for the summer, for sipping in the sunshine over a lazy weekend afternoon. 



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With thanks to Jym and Marie for sending me a bottle to sample, and letting me have a taster way back last year! 

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