Gin Review: RED gooseberry gin

I can’t believe it’s nearly three years since I first tried Daffy’s Gin. It was the bottle that drew me in. 

It’s so distinctive. The image was created by the world renowned Robert McGinnis and features one of the people behind the brand, the aptly named Mignonne. 

Since the launch of their first gin, there have come two more. A Limited Edition for Manor Racing – which has seen their gin all over the F1 circuit (not jealous at all), and more recently, a collaboration with RED Magazine.



Of course, the RED Limited Edition was always going to be ‘red’ in colour, but perhaps the flavour behind the colour is a little unexpected. Scottish red gooseberries. Those little prickly fruit are infused into the gin, with no additional sugar, so it’s still a gin, rather than a liqueur – and the ABV sits at 41.4%.

The infusion means that the gin isn’t pink, but a translucent red – a wash of colour through the spirit. 



The result? Neat the nose is deliciously fresh, just like the original, with a kick of juniper and a hint of fruit. In the mouth, it’s a little peppery, with fresh mintiness, fruit, and a light sourness at the back of the palate. Unlike a number of gins I love, I can’t say it’s one I’d choose to drink neat. The herbal notes is quite strong and the acidity it a little sour for me too (it has to be said, I am quite sensitive to acids). 

So let’s dive into a G&T. 



Using a little Fever Tree tonic, the nose again is light, fresh, clean – the peppery notes come out a little more. Sipping it’s light and fresh, again a distinctive sour note at the back of the palate, but much lighter than the gin alone – the tonic has gentled it. It’s not unpleasant by any means, but those gooseberries linger with a little sherbetty note.

If you like something fruity, that’s not rich, or overly sweet like a liqueur, this gin is definitely for you. 


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